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Everyone knows were big fans of DC’s favorite style and fashion blog, Project Beltway.

We decided we’d try to get the famous DC editor, Rachel Cothran, to answer a few questions for one of our Famous 5 interviews. Luckily for all of us, she played along.

Famous 5 Questions: Project Beltway

1) If you could take Michelle Obama shopping anywhere in D.C., we’re would you go?

We’d definitely visit Relish in Georgetown and Muleh on 14th Street.  I envision a shopping montage featuring piles of expensive, pitch-perfect sheath dresses, giggly photobooth photos from Bar Pilar, and cocktails at Marvin.  Michelle, call me.

2) Which DC industry dresses best and why?  Cap staffers/Lobbyists/Celebrities/Tourists/PR gurus/someone else?

I’d say the art crowd.  That’s pretty wide open of course, since that’s everyone from older patrons attending the Corcoran Ball to those supporting small galleries, musicians, theater, and dance.  The common thread is not being afraid to look unique and to think about personal style as opposed to trends, so for that reason I think they’re the most fun to observe.  Beyond that though, I’d say PR people.  It’s inherent to the job to be thinking about clothing as a message.

3) If you were an ice cream, what flavor would you be?

Pistachio.  Classic, and a bit quirky.

4) What’s your favorite thing about running your successful Project Beltway blog?

Without a doubt, constantly meeting cool, interesting people.  This city is full of them.  Besides being a creative outlet for me, Project Beltway has given me a reason to dig my (low) heels in and discover new ways to fall in love with this city.

5) I dig on FamousDC because ______________ and because they dress better than __________?

I dig on FamousDC because of its Beltway insider voice and because they dress better than er, me, right now.  I’m wearing sweatpants at the moment.

*FAMOUS 5 BONUS QUESTION: The hit comedy The Family Guy includes among its recurring themes matricide and bestiality. Which is funnier, and why?

In the context of the show bestiality is a lot funnier.  Brian the dog is the smartest and most educated character, yet bestiality technically is sex with a lower form of animal.  So, in a sense the bestiality here is that Brian has sex with humans.  Envision Brian saying that.  It’s funny.


Rachel in Vivienne Westwood dress at Muleh

Rachel in Vivienne Westwood dress at Muleh

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