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Lately, our loyal reader base has requested that we do more clever interviews.  Naturally, we don’t want to disappoint, so we’ve decided to expand our  “Famous 5” section of the site to also include what we hope will be some not-so-typical interviews.

We shall call it, Famous 5 Questions.  Brilliant.

And who better to feature first, than none other than his Extremeness, Howard Mortman- one of the most clever political bloggers we follow.

1.    You have some of the most creative blog headlines we ever come across.   Where do you get your inspiration?

On good days, Dixie Cups.  On bad days, anything that has a hard “K” sound.  Like cocoanut.  Or Catskills.

2.    If you were given the chance to take Barack Obama to dinner, where would you go and why?

I’d take Obama to a steak house.  After we agree that he’ll pay, I’ll order much more than I can eat so I can take the food home to feed my family.  I’m sure he’ll understand.

3.    If you were a cut of meat, which cut would you be?

I’d be a rib-eye.  After all, my mother always wanted me to be a rabbi.

4.    Is this whole Internet thing here to stay?

Not only is the Internet here to stay, I bet one day it’ll go Internetional!

5.    Fill in the blanks:  I dig on Famous DC because ___ and because it tastes better than __.

I dig on Famous DC because I love to fill in blanks and because it tastes better than cocoanuts.

Thank you Mr. Extreme for playing along.  And if you have a question you’d like to submit – or want us to interview someone intriguing, or otherwise, email us at [email protected]