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They’re two of the funniest political celebrities to ever stumble upon YouTube. They have a cult following, tons of fans, sweet gear and if you’ve missed them thus far- well, welcome to the internet.

They’re Jackie and Dunlap – the most hilarious redneck duo ever to grace our web page.

Jackie and Dunlap have been seen on CNN and the pages of Newsweek. They even appeared at the Presidential debates – posing a question that earned them instant celebrity.

And if you don’t think their celebrity is legit, well, check out their latest interview with Presidential candidate Ralph Nadar.   It’s priceless.

And even better than the interview with Nadar- what they wrote below the YouTube clip posted on their site.

The Nader campaign’s trying to raise 80 grand by September 17. This ain’t no endorsement, but hell, give him money if you want. It’s harmless. It’s like givin’ a coupla bucks to a homeless guy outside of Kroger. A homeless guy who invented seatbelts.

They even sing.

And lucky for us here at FDC, they took time from their busy schedule to answer a few of our questions.

Below are their hilarious responses.  It might just be the best political interview you’ve read in quite sometime.

1  If you were given the chance to take Barack Obama to dinner, where would you go and why?

DUNLAP:  I wouldn’t want none of my buddies to find out, so I’d go somewhere out of the way, where nobody goes, with bad lighting.  Maybe a Schlotzky’s.

JACKIE: We ain’t got to go nowhere.  i sell barbecue in my store, Jackie’s Market, right here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  If he’s too good to sit down and enjoy one of my delicious pulled pork sandwiches with me, he’s too good to be my president.

2. We know y’all love to drink Budweiser, but why no Pabst Blue Ribbon?

DUNLAP: We don’t drink Budweiser no more since the damn Belgians bought it.  We’re trying to find a good replacement– the beer that best represents the hard working, hard drinking,  blue collar, stand-for-something  Americans who make this country great.  Or, failin’ that, the beer that gives us the most endorsement money.

JACKIE: Ain’t nothing wrong with PBR.  I like that song “Red Necks, White Socks, and Blue Ribbon Beer” by ol’ Johnny Russell.  I reckon Pabst’ll work for me if it worked for Johnny Russell.  Until he died of diabetes.

3. Be honest, who’s the funny one and who’s just the pretty face in this relationship?

DUNLAP:  We don’t like to be boxed in.  We can be both funny and pretty.  Like Sarah Palin.  (Wait, will I be accused of sexism cause I said “box” and “Sarah Palin” in the same sentence?)

JACKIE: Watch your language.

4. If y’all could run for any elected office, what would it be and why?

DUNLAP: I’m currently running Jackie for president, but I’ll be honest, at this point he’s got no chance of getting elected, so it’s more an excuse to sell t-shirts.  Kinda like the Obama campaign.

JACKIE: If I ever retire from my store, this ain’t really an elected office, but I wouldn’t mind bein a Wal-Mart greeter.  It’s like being a ambassador of goodwill to a foreign country, but without the foreign country.  ‘Less you count the undocumented workers in the back.

5. Fill in the blanks:

I dig on Famous DC because now we can say we know what the Cap Grille is and because it tastes better than Schlotzsky’s.

Bonus question posed by Patrick Gavin of Fishbowl DC: What’s your go-to Subway sub?