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We recently interviewed Nicole Sexton, former NRSC Finance Director, and author of “Party Favors,” a fictional account [or so they say…] of the dirty world of political fundraising.

Sexton, who penned this work of “fiction” after she left the NRSC, assures us that her book wasn’t an attempt at making personal waves, and when asked if she’s worried about being the Scott McClellan of tell-all finance books, assures us, she is not. Which we think is completely disappointing.

The first half of the interview is below:

FDC: Be honest, how many times, while you were NRSC Finance guru, did you tell yourself, “oh, that’s good stuff, I’ll have to include that in my book?”

Nicole: Everyone in that office said daily… no one would believe this stuff … this would make a great book! I can’t take all the credit… that thought was definitely not original.

[Commentary: She can’t take all the credit, what about future royalties?]

FDC: How many friends have emailed you and expressed nervous frustration because they think they’re going to make an appearance in the book?

Nicole: They are all very excited and proud for me.

[Commentary: Up until the point they find out their fictional name in the book is “Candy” and they’re the supposed “staffer” who banged Senator Hardup in order to get him to do a NYC fundraiser.]

FDC: Do you feel like you’ll be the Scott McClellan of Finance tell-alls?

Nicole: Not at all. This book is fiction and not meant to betray anyone.

[Commentary: We’ll revisit this later.]

FDC: Who in DC do you most admire?

Nicole: That is hard I admire many different people. Senator Frist for always standing by his word. Senator Dole for her incredible honor. Senator Alexander for his commitment to America and to his office. The people I work with at ONE for waking every day and knowing that one person can make a difference…. I could go on and on…..

[Commentary: So, rich, old, white people who gave you money?]

FDC: Who do you least admire?

Nicole: People motivated by greed….. I could go on and on….

[Commentary: So, rich, old, white people who gave you money?]

Stay tuned tomorrow when we ask if Republican have a prayer when it comes to raising money this year and just exactly who Nicole feels should NEVER compromise their values.

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