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We finally caught up with DC media legend Patrick Gavin, editor of one of our favorite blogs, FishbowlDC.  Below are his Famous 5 Questions:

1) You’re constantly updating from various news sources, but what are the three news sites you start your day with?

Drudge, Wake Up Call, and Yeas & Nays, just to make sure everything actually got posted online…no small feat some days.

2) Who would you rather hit a happy hour with: Eddie Vedder or Tom Brady?

Please, Vedder is my permanent man crush.

3) If you were a car, what would you be? Why?

An El Camino. Always wanted one. Wish they’d bring it back.

4) You’re heading to dinner with your best unnamed source, where do you go in DC?

A health food store. Because no one would think to look for me there.

5) Fill in the blanks:

I dig on FamousDC because I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out the authors and because it tastes better than Perez.

*YOUR BONUS QUESTION (from the Hotfile): Have you ever heard of/ will you visit the Hotfile?

I’ve been sent a link to that site before…think I put a link to it once in Morning Reading List.

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