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He’s the hottest celebrity on Capitol Hill right now- he also serves up some of the meanest burgers in town.  His name is Chef Spike and you haven’t heard of him – you might consider leaving the crawl space in your mother’s basement.

Spike Mendelsohn , a former contestant on Top Chef, recently opened a burger joint on Cap Hill [Good Stuff Eatery] – and ever since the doors opened, the place has been swimming with Capitol Hill staff and interns.

So what set’s the burger joint apart from the rest?  Well, we set out to learn just that – and were fortunate to land an interview with the man himself.

Below is part one of our interview with Chef Spike where we find out who the genius behind the Old Bay mayo is.

1) What attracted you to Capitol Hill and have you served any members of Congress?

my sister lives here and told me about this location and couldn’t stop talking to my parents about it when she was PULP was leaving. so she was able to convince us all, which was pretty easy because it’s a sweet spot and then we worked on ideas, concept, development etc for a year. no member has been in, i’ve had a few people run in and order for a member but no one personally has come in. i’ve got to get some though because i’ve heard the dc thing is to have your photos taken with a zillion members and put them up in your place!

2) When are you going to release your own line of hats?

ANYONE INTERESTED? CALL ME…yeah, i need to get on that between the hours of 1am and 7am that i reserve for sleep. honestly there’s so many cool things i’d like to do but the time just isn’t there. that’s why i’ve got a great team helping em out along the way, every step of the way. but a line of hats would be pretty cool.

3) Who’s the genius behind the Old Bay mayo?

I’d like to take credit for EVERYTHING BUT my partner in crime, Mike Colletti, the general manager came up with that stroke of genius, they are far and few in between so I’ve got to give credit when it’s due!

4) We know your favorite kitchen appliance is a spoon, but what’s your favorite milk shake flavor?

is this a serious question???toasted marshmallow shake, i mean doesn’t that sound awesome…it’s the best.

5) Has the campus celebrity changed your dad?

hahahha. my dad has always been a celebrity! he loves talking with people, getting out there and mingling so it really is the perfect place for him. i don’t know what we’ll do with the next location, we’ll have to clone him some people have come by just to see him again!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for part two, when we find out what Chef Spike thinks John McCain and Barack Obama would order if they visited his burger joint.

You don’t want to miss it.  In the meantime, visit Spike online – and BE SURE to sign up for his e-club.  We did.