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#GUESTEDITOR   Elaina Plott Staff Writer for Washingtonian “I’m beaming about the fact that I don’t have to cover anything related to healthcare! Godspeed, Hill staffers and reporters. You deserve a stiff Manhattan.” Weather: Looks like this weekend will be grayer than that last patch of hair on your grandpa’s head. We top

In what’s becoming an annual event, FamousDC teamed up last night with the American Gaming Association to tip off  March Madness mayhem. Political debate was set aside for the most important contest of the evening – the NCAA basketball tournament. Guests mingled, buzzers beat and brackets busted as large screen TVs

#GUESTEDITOR Andrew Rafferty Political Reporter at NBC News “Yesterday I turned 30. Today I am formally endorsing whatever healthcare bill covers Vitaminwater and everything bagels and won’t treat a hangover as a pre-existing condition.“ Weather: Welp, winter decided to show up just in time for the days that we like

The National Press Foundation seeks to recognize and reward the best of the best in journalism and this year was no exception. Every year, the NPF holds an Awards Dinner recognizing these individuals for their outstanding effort and accomplishments in the field of reporting and storytelling. FamousDC went behind the scenes

#MANAGINGEDITOR   KATHRYN LYONS Managing Editor at FamousDC “The only introduction the weekend needs is this email – and a cocktail.“ Weather: What do this weekend and your refrigerator have in common? They’re both going to be cold and potentially full of beer. Clear and sunny skies on Saturday and Sunday

#GUESTEDITOR MEGAN WILSON Journalist at The Hill “They say that personnel is policy, and I’ve got a bottle of whiskey under my desk. Happy hour starts when the Roundup goes out, right?“ Weather: Near-record highs all weekend long ought to work nicely with your sunny day outfit selections and beverage pairings (read:

#MANAGINGEDITOR KATHRYN LYONS Managing Editor at FamousDC “My quotes are generally shorter than a press conference.” Weather: We’re feeling prettayyyyy good about this weather! Presidents’ Day weekend is bringing us a taste of spring with mostly sunny skies on Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures will reach the mid to high 60s and will

 #GUESTEDITOR CAMERON EASLEY Managing Editor at Morning Consult “Friday is here! Unless you’re a senator, in which case it’s still Wednesday. You’re probably not a senator though, so let’s take a look back at the week that was and turn up for the weekend ahead.” Weather: WARNING: DC is about to heat up!…sort of.

Weather: Old Man Winter is taking full advantage of the groundhog’s shadow. Six more weeks of winter starts right now, as temperatures fluctuate between the 20s and low 50s this weekend. On the upside, Mr. Golden Sun will brighten our day tomorrow, but don’t expect him to warm it up because

Weather: You thought you’d just roll right into spring without winter, didn’t you? Well, that’s not the case – at least for this weekend, as DC is back on track toward winter temperatures. The rest of today will see clouds and a slight breeze with highs in the mid 40s and

Weather: Welp, it looks like it will literally be raining on Donald Trump’s parade, but that won’t put a damper on this weekend’s festivities. If you’re attending outside events today, bring your rain boots (or an ark), but do be aware that umbrellas and other items are prohibited at Inauguration and

Weather: Is it just us or is this weather playing hard to get?…Because it’s working. The change in temperature continues as it drops tonight, resulting in a wintry mix that’ll kick off the weekend – and no, we’re not referring to your latest playlist. We’re talking possible rain-turned-snow due to near

Weather: So is it gonna snow or not? Your expert meteorologists say “maybe…maybe not,” which is a great answer if you’re not looking for an answer at all. If it does snow, chances are highest between tonight and tomorrow morning, but don’t expect much. You’re likely to see more frozen moisture inside

FAMOUS FORECAST It’s so cold out, we can barely type out this forecast because our fingers are numb. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW This popular DC Instagram account is run by a 22 year old. New year, new DC concerts! Any challenge that involves chugging beer is a challenge accepted.