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Much like smokers need their morning fix of nicotine, so do political junkies – and for most, it comes in the form of Hotline’s Wake-Up Call – and for those chain-smoking junkies, there’s always Last Call!  And who might be the pushers who ensure the political crack gets delivered each day?  None other than Editor Nora McAlvanah and Associate Editor, Holly Noe.

So we were very excited when Nora, the queen of funny, took a few minutes recently to answer our Famous 5 Questions.

1. You have some of the most creative Last Call! Shot and Chasers we’ve ever seen. Where do you get your inspiration?

For the shot, it’s all about finding the perfect quote to rip from its context. The chaser is then developed during a series of back-and-forth emails with my assistant editor, Holly Noe, wherein we just throw out bizarre and obscure references from Joe Biden google alerts, “Stripes,” Katie Couric blog posts, etc. Then it’s all about what gets the biggest laugh. Glad you enjoy.

2. If you were given the chance to take Barack Obama to dinner, where would you go and why?

Some lobbyist-packed-place like Cap Grille or 701, where he wouldn’t have to pick up the tab 😉

3. If you were an ice cream, what flavor would you be?

The Amstel Light flavor. Patent pending.

4. Is this whole Internet thing here to stay?

We have a rocky relationship, the Internet and I. Still, I’m somewhat reluctant to predict its demise for fear it will back-fire on me. My computer is spiteful and sensitive, and needs lots of “ram” and attention or it will just stop working, or so that’s my understanding.

5. Fill in the blanks:  I dig on Famous DC because _____ and because it tastes better than ____.

I dig on Famous DC because it has a lot of calories and no nutrition label and because it tastes better than whatever John Stossel just informed me I was actually eating during his last “investigative” piece.

*YOUR BONUS QUESTION (from Extreme Mortman): Does this look infected?

According to John Stossel, yes.

Thanks for playing along Nora – and yes, we too look forward to beer flavored ice cream as well.

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