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Yesterday we featured Part One of our interview with Capitol Hill’s newest celebrity and lot’s of you stopped by to check it out.

Today, it’s time for the second part of our interview with Chef Spike, owner of Good Stuff Eatery.

1) If John McCain were to stop by, what would he order?

Colletti’s Smokehouse for sure – it’s the tough guy burger topped with BBQ sauce and fried onions.

2) If Obama were to stop by, what would he order?

Spike’s 5 Napkin, something new, different, fresh.

3) Where in DC do you like to eat (besides your place)?

i like some of the spots in chinatown area and georgetown, zaytania is great, central but honestly after all the hours i go home and eat cereal or eggs or something easy and fast. my mom lives close and it really is like my big fat greek wedding whenever she thinks the crew isn’t eating right she’ll come in with a greek salad and pastichio or moussakka or something totally amazing at midnight for us to eat

4) Does Tom Colicchio shave his head, or is naturally bald?

tough guess but i’d say shaves to keep it super smooth, slick and shinny

5) Who was your favorite guest judge on Top Chef?

jose andreas! that guy is amazing and totally cool. he’s been by my place and has had some great ideas. it’s awesome to have someone like him helping me out as i start out in dc.

*Not a question, but a comment – the Spike 5 Napkin, genius.  We had it last weekend. thanks! i’m really glad you liked it.

BONUS: You get to ask the bonus question for the next Famous 5, anything we missed? What is your question for the next participant?

what’s your idea of a fantastic dc date? ummm more for me to get some hints!

Don’t forget to visit Spike online – and BE SURE to sign up for his e-club.  We did.