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Famous Five – NBWA What’s the NBWA you ask? Well we can tell you it’s not the WNBA and we just accidentally screwed up with letters (we found that out the day of). This is a sophisticated and insightful interview about another “b” and, arguably, the best one out there: beer. Rebecca

It’s easy for us to lose sight of our surroundings as we hurry from one place to another. We’re constantly looking down at our phones or talking on them, or listening to music through devices that do an exceptional job of drowning out everything else. It’s not anyone’s fault necessarily –

  Kate Andersen Brower is a really good journalist – so good that she was able to turn her questions into two New York Times best sellers, The Residence and First Women. These two books take a close look into the private lives of America’s most public family – the First

What’s the best way to teach young girls about leadership, teamwork, and self-confidence? According to James Watkins, Office Manager at the Living Classrooms Foundation, music is the answer. Watkins helps lead Queen Beez, a hip-hop program for young girls in the DMV. Throughout the program, participants write and produce a

DC is fully equipped with every type of lawyer imaginable. We’ve got government lawyers, immigration lawyers, divorce lawyers, employment lawyers, Congressman that double as lawyers, and thanks to Michael Kennedy we’ve got one more to add to the list- a lawyer that doubles as a photographer. We were quite intrigued by

 “My goal is to celebrate our similarities instead of our differences.” – Aniekan Udofia You might not know him by name, but you definitely recognize his work. Aniekan Udofia is a prominent DC street artist with many of his work visible in northwest D.C. The most iconic of these murals is

The seasons have officially changed (hi fall!), but that doesn’t mean that your food’s temperature has to. If anything, you’re gonna need something cold to stabilize your afternoon snack that is a piping hot PSL – after all, is that not part of the system of checks and balances? Well, look no further than: Bread Pudding a la

Let’s get baked! Baked & Wired that is. You know, that place with those baked goods and latte art you see all over instagram? This mini goldmine came to life back when owners Tony and Teresa Velazquez owned a graphics company at the same location the Baked & Wired is at

In a world where terror and fear are clouding our news feeds and our minds, one thing that remains clear is our need for kindness and charity. The Kindness365 crew recognizes that and that’s why they’ve dedicate all of their time to spreading that message. Teague Egan and Pacha King started Kindness365 as a way to

Just in case your back sweat isn’t enough of an indication, we’re here to remind you that it’s hot out. We’re not trying to keep you from going outside – we’re trying to keep you from going outside without proper protection, a koozie. After all, summer is a time to really enjoy the outdoors before

Doughn’t fear, the Cookie Man is here! After years of investigation, we finally know who’s stolen all the cookies from the cookie jar- it’s Kirk Francis, the man behind the DC famous food truck Captain Cookie and the Milk Man. Baking cookies since the age of four, Francis decided that

Watch out, tie wearers. Dena Battle is coming for you. Dena is a former House staffer and lobbyist who is using her skills from the Hill for good. She started the Kidney Cancer Research Alliance, known as KCCure, this year to help raise money for kidney cancer research. This month is designated No Tie July — for

If there’s anything unique about Whitney Cole, it’s not the fact that she left the sunshine and palm trees of Florida to fulfill a life full of seasons and temps below 40. Although unusual and often questioned, she’s not the only warm-blooded creature to do so. What’s more, is that when

Fittest city in America? Maybe when Kevin Cleary is in town. The multiple Ironman competitor, marathon runner, yoga “master”, and CEO of Clif Bar might give us a run for our money. Kevin came to town to pay MCON a visit and teach this generation’s young rising stars about leadership and

 For Greensky Bluegrass Fans – Nothing but Blue Skies Ahead It’s ok if you’ve never heard of Greensky Bluegrass until right now. They’ve always found new fans organically – one at a time along the course of an intense touring schedule that includes America’s most prestigious music venues and festivals.