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Welcome to Famous Feedback. We asked the folks that live and run this city a question and compiled the responses. In light of recess putting half the city on vacation (not really, but you know) we thought it would be fun to see what district dwellers love about August recess

Famous Friday Round Up   #WEEKEND Weather: Keep your rain gear on standby! This Saturday’s 4th of July is looking a bit grey with a 50% chance of thunderstorms and a high of 81. Sunday is mostly sunny with a high of 85  but might bring some rainy skies in

It’s that time of year again, when Americans all across the nation celebrate the pride, freedom, and honor they feel from the right to be… An Independent. Independents day is a reminder that today and everyday Independents celebrate the right to be indecisive, the solace of knowing you can always

A few weeks back, we threw this question out to some of our loyal readers, asking for your picks for the best discreet meeting spots in DC, and frankly, what we got back was questionable at best. One of you actually recommended Bullfeathers. We can only hope that you guys

The Famous DC team loves us some Uber. Our team uses Uber multiple times a day every day. Uber in the morning, Uber in the evenin’, Uber at suppertime! Due to the fact that we fancy ourselves the ultimate DC Uber supporters, we feel entitled to rant about something: those

Famous Friday Round Up   #WEEKEND Weather: Saturday is looking gloomy with thunderstorms and a high of 76; Sunday is on the brighter side with a high of 78 and mostly sunny. Awesome events you can attend this weekend: The Capital Barbecue Battle of 2015; Smithsonian Folklife Festival Featuring Peru;

Meet FDC’s newest team member, Sarah Gunion. Sarah is a Maryland native but came to us from New Orleans, which she has called home for the past five years. She has a taste for the unconventional, a passion for people, and a knack for delivering the unexpected- which is why

Let’s be honest: DC has needed to embrace Snapchat for a while now. (We’re looking at you, Anthony Weiner.) Not only will it let you sext your intern without getting caught,* but you can now make your boss look like one of the cool kids. Not surprisingly, Rand Paul (SenatorRandPaul)

Have you told David Drucker happy birthday yet today?

More than 100 people joined Sara and Ron Bonjean, Sheena Arora and Rodell Mollineau and Veronica and Brian Walsh for the Rokk Solutions launch party at PJ Clarke’s Sidecar last night.   It was a party not to be missed – guests included: Rob Collins and John Scofield, S-3 Group;

Carl Hulse writes in the New York Times: Mr. Boehner has a new press secretary familiar to the Capitol and White House press corps — Emily Schillinger, currently communications director for Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming and for the Republican Policy Committee. Described by Mr. Barrasso as unflappable and relentlessly

Any ordinary American citizen considering running for President might make a list of pros and cons on the subject. It should be no surprise that everyone’s favorite candidate Donald Trump did the same, but hold on to your hairpieces folks, because Famous DC obtained the EXCLUSIVE SWOT analysis from the

Iran is targeting Shane Harris … to write a paper that criticizes the US. In the Daily Beast he describes the effort: So a state-sponsored propaganda jamboree propped up by Iranian diplomats and spies wanted me to publicly criticize U.S. foreign policy and maybe even come to Tehran for their

Famous Friday Round Up   #SNAPCHAT Hi, we’re on Snapchat. Let’s be friends. Open your app and aim the camera at this ghost. Or just add us by username: TheFamousDC.    #WEEKEND Sunday is the winner AGAIN this week: Saturday 90 °F and thunderstorms; Sunday 91 °F and partly sunny;