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A lot of weird and scary stuff has been happening in politics. The Republican and Democratic National Conventions are dredging up the worst of humanity, and they’re making us really want a drink. We’ve created a very complicated drinking game for all of those watching the conventions with us. Enjoy.
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You’ve heard speeches, chants, and everything in between at this year’s Republican National Convention, and next week will likely be the same song and dance. Thankfully, Morning Consult and S-3 Public Affairs are spearheading the congressional point of view at the conventions this year. The growing media outlet and public affairs firm demonstrated their
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It’s only been 48 hours, but we’ve already learned a lot about Cleveland. Here’s a quick check list of lessons learned so far by the FamousDC team on the ground at #RNCinCLE: 1.) Kathryn Lyons is very easily disoriented. 2.) Good luck finding a friendlier bunch of folks than the people
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Watch out, tie wearers. Dena Battle is coming for you. Dena is a former House staffer and lobbyist who is using her skills from the Hill for good. She started the Kidney Cancer Research Alliance, known as KCCure, this year to help raise money for kidney cancer research. This month is designated No Tie July — for

It’s 90 degrees out today. Hot enough to melt… an iceberg, perhaps? We tried to find out at the National Building Museum’s “ICEBERGS” installation, a more than 12,000 square feet “underwater” world in the great room of the building. The installation features soaring replica icebergs that jut in and out

At FamousDC, we make it our mission to keep you covered in every context, from headlines to high fives and every imaginable GIF in between. But that’s not enough for us. On our quest to conquer the world and be your best friend, we did another thing. We made a Spotify.
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Congrats, you’ve made it to Capitol Hill! Everyone in your hometown is so proud of you for scoring a job working near POTUS and SCOTUS. *Cue the oohs and aahs.* You’ve updated your résumé (yes, you use the fancy accents now) and you can’t wait to pass out your new
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A little birdie told us that Twitter’s DC headquarters are a site to see (pun intended) so naturally, we had to check it out for ourselves just to make sure – and there’s no arguing that their offices held up to our sky-high expectations. Jenna Golden, head of sales for Twitter DC, led

If you didn’t score a ticket to this year’s annual Congressional Baseball Game or bother to read yesterday’s paper (we know we’re your favorite source for everything DC, but print is cool too), you probably missed the newest initiative to hit Capitol Hill: Upgrade, America.   Upgrade, America is the brainchild of Business Roundtable and the
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Move over Kanye, there are way cooler dads in town and we wanna shout ’em out. From patching up our scraped knees to picking us up when we’re down, we want to say “Thanks, Dad!” for everything you’ve done for us and everything you let us do that mom didn’t.

Move over, Silicon Valley. DC is the startup capital now. Last week, the District was home to 1776’s Challenge Cup, a massive startup competition packed with drones, complicated code and four giant parties. 1776 is a tech incubator based in DC that helps fund some of the world’s most innovative

The most fabulous party of the year is here. This Saturday, join a quarter million people in the streets of the District for the Capital Pride Parade, which celebrates its 41st anniversary this year – in a big way. Since the parade’s inception in 1975, the LGBTQ community has made

If you feel the ground shake beneath you at all this weekend, don’t worry. It’s not another earthquake, it’s just Beyonce and her dancers practicing their formation ahead of Saturday’s concert at M&T Stadium in Baltimore. In honor of the Queen’s arrival, we’ve put together a royal list of Bey’s best

Press slammed and Swanton bombed by Brandon Wetherbee. Change can be hard. It can also smack you upside the head. If anyone knows that, it’s World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. Yesterday, the WWE announced a major change. Beginning in July, “SmackDown,” the company’s second biggest television show, will air LIVE and flip
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Just when you thought the human race couldn’t be more incapable, the Amazon Dash Button comes along and reminds you that it can. From laundry detergent to toilet paper, the Dash Button is just one push-of-a-button away from a clean rear. You might have to wait a couple of days until it arrives,