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24304 Betty Crocker's Guide to Your First Thanksgiving

The time leading up to Thanksgiving can be stressful. Your friends are booking their trips home, your parents won’t stop calling you asking when you’re coming home, and the estranged family members you only see once a year keep pressuring you to enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner at their place. What

FamousDC said goodbye this week to one of our favorite contributors, Mr. Holt. You were a great friend to many people and your outgoing spirit will live on among the pages of FamousDC. These are some of our favorite posts from Nick while he wrote here: Back to Football Tailgate

We are so thrilled to see that Tommy McFly and Chrys Kefalas officially announced their engagement! You can read Tommy’s perspective on 94.7 Fresh FM here, and WaPo’s Reliable Source has the bigger picture here. Our favorite takeaway from Chrys: “The road to this moment wasn’t easy for both of

Congratulations are in order for the winners of the 2015 National Press Foundation (NPF) awards, as the highly anticipated list was just released. Where Washington is the hub of the most important decisions made in our country, it is the NPF that allows the news of Washington and the world

China Riddle is a contributing writer to, which co-hosts the collaborative brainchild of FamousDC and the HungryLobbyist known as, Feasting Famously. She sat down with chef, author, and TV personality, Giada De Laurentiis for an exclusive interview.  By China Riddle | On October 29, 2015 The year was 2005. I was

Something special happened last night, and it was not in Milwaukee. 800 miles away from the Republican presidential debate, something very monumental — historic, even — took place at Atlas Brewing Company right here in the District: Jason Dick and Fawn Johnson got married. The bride and groom looked amazing

Happy birthday to amazing dad, winning husband, friend to koalas and overall incredible FamousDC partner Nathan Imperiale! Nathan pictured above with local DC celebrity baby Wills. If you have a moment today, wish Nathan a Happy 25th! –The FDC Team

Milwaukee will go down in history as the site of the latest Republican debate tonight AND the site of FamousDC’s latest gathering last night. Toasts over bubbly at our fantastic rustic chic venue Cuveè flew through the room all evening amid conversations struck up between national media reporters, presidential campaign

Remember what a hit the “Beach” was at the National Building Museum this summer? Well get ready to be blown away once again, because James Corner Field Operations, the masterminds behind New York City’s High Line, have been given the task of creating the 2016 installation of the museum’s Summer Block Party

It’s almost Halloween and that means a few things in D.C. First, avoid M Street at all costs on Saturday night. Second, if you live in an “up-and-coming” (read: unsafe) neighborhood, be careful, people feel empowered when wearing masks. Third (this applies anywhere), if you live in a house, buy

THE FOLLOWING IS A WORK OF PURE SATIRE AND HAS NO RELATIONSHIP WITH ANY FACET OF TRUTH. BUT YOU SHOULD READ IT ANYWAY BECAUSE WOULDN’T IT BE FUNNY IF IT WAS TRUE?  Central Intelligence Agency head John Brennan is the latest government official to see their email account hacked. Apparently

Sometimes our beautiful city can get a little, shall we say, crowded- remember that time the Pope visited? So we sent our most anxiety-prone staffer to scout out the very worst times and places for socially anxious people. Enjoy (or hyperventilate) accordingly.  Oh jeez, oh man. Okay, you can do

Happy birthday to FamousDC’s favorite photographer, Tom Williams. He’ll ride his bike to your party, talk about Penn State football, eat some cat food and then send you an awesome picture 5-7 days later. Enjoy the day, Tom.

This article was authored by FamousDC contributor, Arielle Witter.  On your mark, get set, DANCE! If you were at the Landmark Music Festival this weekend, you probably danced your way around West Potomac Park. This weekend artists like Drake, George Ezra, Alt-J, and Miguel flooded the stages to perform some of their

Nobody is busier than Sean Spicer, except perhaps the FamousDC writers last week. In what can only be classified as a clerical issue, we accidentally left Mr. Spicer off our birthday round up – to which he then called us out. How far I have fallen: birthday didn’t make @FamousDC