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Yesterday we featured Part One of our interview with two superdelegates. Today, Part Two:

Is superdelegate even a word?  Why doesn’t my spell check recognize it?

Awais: I don’t think it’s a word, but we are real, average people (as my minimal bank account and excess homework can attest to.)

Lauren: Interesting, I am having that problem as well.

Howard Dean seems stressed these days, do you chat with him?

Awais: I have not had a chance to personally talk to Governor Dean lately.  But we plan on making a decision in early June, which is in accordance with what he has requested.    

Lauren: We will talk to him in June after all the young people have had a chance to vote in the primary process and everyone responds to our request for input.

Be honest, you like the attention, right?

Awais: Honestly, I’m an organizer through and through (which is why I got elected to this position of leadership in our organization in the first place), so I really believe we should be talking about the candidates who are going to fix the messes the Bush administration has created.  Lauren and I have actually turned down the great majority of the press inquiries we’ve received because our focus is on strengthening the College Democrats of America and getting young people involved.  I would much rather bring attention to what young people have been doing on the ground (as both voters and organizers) than to me.  
Lauren: Awais and I are in this position cause we’ve worked tirelessly at organizing College Democrats chapters across the country. We made a few YouTube videos but none seem to have propelled us to such DC internet fame. I do encourage you to check out the others on our channel though – www.youtube.com/collegedemocrats.

Could you write in response to this question, “FDC is hilarious, I read it all the time.”  … So we can use it in our next banner ad?

 It’s better than Chuck Norris

Awais: It’s better than those Coogi sweaters Bill Cosby used to rock.

Stay tuned to FDC as we roll out more interviews over the coming weeks.  Is there someone you want to ask questions?  Email us at [email protected]

Until then, stay classy…