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Last week we posted about two college Democrats who are garnering a lot of attention lately.

Lauren Wolfe and Awais Khaleel, President and Vice President of the College Democrats – aren’t ordinary college students- they are students with super-powers, who happen to be superdelegates.

Because the Democratic Presidential nomination might come down to their two superdelegate votes, they’ve asked for advice and help as to who they should support. They put together this video and asked folks to respond to them via MySpace, Facebook, YouTube or the “old fashion” way via email.

So we did -just to make sure they kept to their word.

Well, we’re happy to announce they responded.

The FDC editors put together a list of ten questions, below are the first five answers.

Why all of a sudden a plea for help?

Awais: We want to make sure that we provide young people every avenue to reach out to us and have their voice heard.  We’ve been getting tons of unsolicited messages from people from all walks of life regarding our votes, but we really wanted to hear from more young people before we make a final decision.

Lauren: The College Democrats of America historically stays out of nominations but this year it looks like we might have to take a side in the process. So, we wanted to reach out to young people and hear what they had to say before we make up our minds.

Have you had a good response?

Awais: We have had an absolutely awesome response!  Hundreds of people have sent us e-mails or messages on Facebook and MySpace, and thousands have posted their feelings on YouTube.  A number of others have posted video responses to our message.

Lauren: We’ve had an overwhelming amount of responses, via video, email, Facebook and MySpace.  Within the first few minutes of uploading the video, we had a video response from a guy wearing Kanye West glasses. Point being: we want your opinions, if you cant figure out how to make a YouTube response, send us an email.

*Note, Lauren’s brother got into the action via YouTube.

Who’s the coolest person that has called you?

Awais: I’ve gotten a number of phone calls from both elected officials and celebrities, but the coolest interaction was when I actually got to meet and talk to Senator Obama and Senator Clinton (separately of course.)

Lauren: Senator Claire McCaskill called me during my last exam. That was fun.

Does is worry you that random celebrities have gotten a hold of your cell phone numbers?

Awais: If Kal Penn wants to call me, I’m happy to talk to him.

Lauren: Well, we want to hear from people in whatever way they want to contact us. We also welcome random celebrity YouTube response videos.

Have you been recognized by strangers?

Awais: No, strangers still ignore me.

Lauren: Not so much, superdelegates are more of an inside the beltway kind of famous (not so much Detroit famous).

Do your friends think this has gotten a little out of hand?

My friends pretty universally and simultaneously think this is really cool and hilarious.

Lauren: Well, the use of the word “super” has picked up. As in “this is super ridiculously hilarious.”

Check back tomorrow for Part Two, when we ask Lauren and Awais if  “superdelegate” is even a word.  And see what Awais thinks is cooler than Bill Cosby’s sweater.  The answer didn’t surprise us.