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Last week we released part one of the Nicole Sexton interview – today, part two.

Nicole Sexton is the former NRSC Finance Director and author of “Party Favors,” a fictional account of the dirty world of political fundraising.

FDC: Do Republicans have a prayer when it comes to out fundraising the Left this year?

Nicole: Individual candidates do in their races but the party as a whole is under a terrible cloud of scandal and discontent and I don’t think it will lift before November.

FDC: Did you ever think the word royalties would be used so closely to your name one day?

Nicole: That is still not a thought but thanks for the vote of confidence!

FDC: What advice would you give a young kid looking to break into the juicy world of political fundraising?

Nicole: Work hard, stay true to yourself and never compromise your values

FDC: Now what would you really tell them, if we weren’t listening?

Nicole: Work hard, stay true to yourself and NEVER compromise your values….

We’d like to thank Nicole for being a good sport.  If you haven’t already, and you should have, go here and by the book.  Trust us, it’s worth the read…