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We were fortunate enough to get Matt Harding, Internet super star , to slow down long enough to respond to a few of our questions. And while this post has nothing to do with the typical political tomfoolery we generally write about- it is about a young man’s determination to make a global impact – one smile at a time.

Read. Watch. Learn. And Dance.

FDC: Why is traveling abroad so important to you and would you ever consider developing an educational video game that helps children learn about cultural outreach? [Note: Before Matt set out on his journeys he was a video game designer]

Matt: I think a good first step is just showing kids that there are other places out there beyond what they’re familiar with, and that most of those places aren’t dangerous, war-torn, or desperately impoverished. The media creates a certain image of the outside world because their job is to report news, and "news" generally involves crisis. Part of what I’m trying to do is balance that skewed image by showing a lot of friendly, warm, smiling faces.

I think getting that message across can do more good than any video game I could work on.

FDC: Barack Obama has some pretty decent dances moves as well – but do you think you got him beat?

Matt: I’m not sure there’s anything I can do that Obama can’t do better, but I’d be willing to give it a shot.

FDC: We know not to ask what location was your favorite, but is there someone in the past few years, who you’ve particularly enjoyed meeting?

Matt: I got to meet George Lucas last week. He didn’t have a clue who I was and he didn’t particularly care. He was busy measuring conference room furniture with his tape measure, but it was an honor to shake his hand.

I also got an email once from someone claiming to be Walter Cronkite. He just said he enjoyed what I’m doing. I suppose someone could have easily been posing as him, but really, what kind of deranged lunatic pretends to be Walter Cronkite?

FDC: See, that was painless, right?

Matt: Yup.