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She’s the mysterious character that occasionally pops up on the FamousDC radar screen.  And as we know from our inbox, she seems to be popular, so we set out to find more out about what makes the “Hot File” so hot.

Here are her Famous 5 questions.

1) Worst pick-up line used on you at a bar?

Wow, I thought these questions would be slightly more substantive.  I don’t need bars for bad pick-up lines…I have my blog where creepy old men can leave me disgusting/weird comments.

Here are my favorite G-rated ones:  “you must marry me!…I have seen a few of your vids and I’m in love!  We could talk for hours about this stuff….Let me know if we can set a date at a church!” and “i only clicked this video cause you’re hot”(hey, I appreciate the honesty.)

2) What’s the deal with that lone piece of artwork on your wall?

Ah, the picture of the small house behind me is a print by Gregory Spaid.  I like to think it’s the house McCain will move to when he loses the election.  Maybe he’ll grow a beard or something.

3) How many people know the true identity of the Hotfile?

 How many do you think?

4) What will it take to get a FamousDC shout out on your next vlog?

Brad Kanus taking a hiatus from telling me I have no idea what I’m talking about even though he admits he wants to “get in my pants” [notice the comment section, and please accept our apologies.  Our fans sometimes don’t take their meds.]

5) Although this may crush the dreams of a few hill staffers, would guys who wear seersucker and bow ties be filed under “Hot” or filed under “Not”?

 I cringe every time I see my Dad in his…so N-O-T.

**YOUR BONUS QUESTION* (from Hotline’s Nora McAlvanah): What short but somehow memorable life moment or hobby would you impress Alex Trebeck with right before “Double Jeopardy”?

I played ice hockey in college and I could probably kick Brad’s ass.

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