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pamelaIf you have never read the blog Pamela’s Punch, you’re missing out.  On her blog, Pamela Lynne Sorensen, a DC expert, highlights the best about what the District has to offer.  Her blog states: Pamela’s Punch satisfies your thirst for the latest juice on the coolest places, people and events in the Washington, DC community. Find out what’s hot – and what’s not – as told through the experiences of a few social butterflies.

Here are her Famous 5 Questions:

1. We’ve seen plenty of pictures of you and your crew – does the paparazzi swarm you in DC?

Paparazzi in DC?  I hardly think there’s paparazzi … just great talented photographers who get paid by the glossy magazines to make sure there are plenty of photos to fill the party pages.  I guess “my crew” and I happen to be at a lot of those parties!

2. If you could take the Obama girls to dinner, where would you take them and why?

An alternative to dinner:   First I’d love to take them to the National Zoo.  I feel that is such a pleasure for children and adults to experience.  It’s a real treasure in our own back yard that we don’t always think of.  Then, I would take them to tea at the Park Hyatt Washington.  The Tea Cellar is darling, but it also has a serene calming elegant feeling.  I think every little girl should enjoy afternoon tea.  It’s a perfect excuse to get dressed up and be a little lady.

3. What should the First Family name their soon to be new dog?  We need a top 5 list.  [We know you’re creative enough to pull this off]

Lincoln, Luther, or King. I also like Smith (as in Smithsonian.  I must be drinking the DC Kool-Aid).

4. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve experienced while living in DC?  The Inauguration doesn’t count.

Since you discounted the Inauguration … there have been so many “interesting” things I have experienced while living here, too many to count.  I can say that living through and being an integral part of the telecom / internet boom then bust in while my 20’s was quite an interesting experience.  I was in sales for a telecom company that was small in Tysons, then got big and moved to Herndon/Reston where all of the other tech companies were, went public like everyone else, then the bubble burst and we went through a series of layoffs.

9/11 happened and that was an experience like no other.  Our investors pulled the plug and we went through Chapter 11 then got sold.  I was one of ones left on the Retention Team who literally had to keep the company afloat before the buyer absorbed us.  It was like an On the Job MBA.  It was a learning lesson in realizing that a fantastic situation can be fleeting.  Nothing is forever.  I think a lot of people are in the midst of this right now, unfortunately.

5. In the spirit of your site, have you ever punched someone and if not, have you ever wanted to punch someone?  Be honest.

Oh boy. Well, the “punch” is supposed be as in a “punch bowl” – a tasty beverage created out of a few great ingredients, NOT a form of violence, which of course, I do not condone.  That said, while I have yet to hurt my hand on anyone’s face, my style is more along the lines of wanting to take my glass of water (like in the movies – and not my drink – I do not waste good cocktails) and throw it in a guy’s face if he ever made me angry.  I think that’s so much more ladylike.  There have been quite a few of those opportunties – and I am sure there will be plenty more.

Bonus Question from the Grooming Lounge: Would you classify DC as a place where the beautiful people are and why?

Washington, DC has been historically known as the “Hollywood for Ugly People”, which is quite tragic.  As someone who has called this area home since 1990, I know it’s not Miami, LA nor New York City with regard to models, actors, and the people in the entertainment business- who by defninition, fall into the “beautiful people” category.  However, I think that the MOST beautiful people are those who take care of themselves, lead a healthy life, are worldly, educated, interesting, smart, philanthropic, and care about bettering our world.  I believe Washingtonians are THOSE people, so yes, I would classify DC as a place where the beautiful people are.

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