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Meet Karin Tanabe – she’s a former POLITICO reporter turned fiction writer whose books reel you into another place and time you thought only existed in history books and movies. Karin just released her fourth novel, The Diplomat’s Daughter, about three young people forced on a journey in the face

Weather: For those of you still in DC, Old Man Winter is giving you a tiny break from the blustery action. This weekend will bring temperatures that range from the high 30’s to low 50’s along with a chance of rain showers on Saturday. The good news is that your Christmas will be merry

When Kate Nocera worked as a congressional reporter for BuzzFeed (and before that, POLITICO), her stories were well-sourced, well-written, and all around well-done. She left BuzzFeed last year to work in public affairs at SKDKnickerbocker, then at Vox Media, but luckily for her readers, she’s back! FamousDC wants to extend our

Well at least there’s one president that we’re excited about. Our friend and Politico Executive, Peter Cherukuri, is leaving the company to take on a new and highly impressive role as president and chief innovation officer of 1776 – a global incubator and seed fund that helps engineer the success of the world’s most promising startups tackling important challenges.

Here’s looking at you, Peter Cherukuri. The Executive Vice President of Audience Solutions at Politico is showing off his acting chops in an upcoming production of Casablanca.  He’s putting his suit aside to perform in the Picnic Theatre Company’s one-hour interpretation of the film, and anyone interested in classic movies (and

Ryan Grim is the Washington bureau chief for the Huffington Post and a regular contributor on MSNBC. Whether you agree with him or not (shame on you) his opinions and commentary are fancied by the savviest in Washington. When he’s not keeping up with politics, he’s just trying to keep up

It’s no secret – President Obama’s days are numbered… at least in terms of days he has left in the Oval Office. When a successor is named and it is time for Obama to depart, he’ll undoubtedly hope to be remembered by his impressive legacy of accomplishments (and he will happily list all

The National Press Foundation celebrated forty years of distinguished journalism last week, but the annual awards dinner was far from dated. Held for the first time in the Marriott Marquee of Downtown DC, the new venue was a big hit. FamousDC welcomed VIP guests, hosts, chairs, and awards winners to the

DC can be a tough town to make friends in but more often than not, the relationship gets its roots in business. At FamousDC, we’ve made it our motto to be “in the friends business”, to give credit where it’s due, and high-five the unexpected people who make DC tick.

As others (ahem, HuffPo) get to work on winning the morning, we’re taking a trip down memory lane and looking at what’s next. Everyone is talking about Politico today (in your face Donald Trump!). So, we wanted to share our thoughts (and high fives, it’s what we do) …. We love

You’ve landed an internship on Capitol Hill and you finally figured out your way around Rayburn. Now what? Back in 2011 we were feeling particularly empathetic of the trials and tribulations faced by our Hill staffer friends, so we created a chart to help provide some guidance in an otherwise intimidating

Meet Alex Finland. He just launched Driver Eight Media: a boutique firm focused on booking clients on broadcast and cable television. In his free time, he is a father, a husband and longtime Georgia Bulldogs fan. He agreed to spend five minutes with us for a Famous interview. 1. Congratulations

Famous Friday Round Up   #WEEKEND Weather: Saturday is looking gloomy with thunderstorms and a high of 76; Sunday is on the brighter side with a high of 78 and mostly sunny. Awesome events you can attend this weekend: The Capital Barbecue Battle of 2015; Smithsonian Folklife Festival Featuring Peru;

The Pork Barrel BBQ product line. (Photo: Courtesy Pork Barrel BBQ) It’s another late night on the Hill in 2006 and a senate budget debate creeps past midnight and into the wee hours. What is on staffers Heath Hall and Brett Thompson’s minds? Food. And another slice of delivery pizza just

It’s hot, we know. But remember that one time you were stuck in DC’s coldest winter of the last 120 years and were wailing about whether you’d ever be warm again? Welcome to summer! But because we’re sympathetic we’ve rounded up some weekend activities with a range of outdoor AND AC enclosed events.