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Meet Alex Finland. He just launched Driver Eight Media: a boutique firm focused on booking clients on broadcast and cable television. In his free time, he is a father, a husband and longtime Georgia Bulldogs fan.

He agreed to spend five minutes with us for a Famous interview.

1. Congratulations on the launch of Driver Eight Media. How did you come up with the name?

I went to the University of Georgia, in Athens… birthplace of REM. My wife said I should name the company after an REM song, and we liked the sound of this particular track.

2. You’ve been working in the TV business for over a decade now. What do you think makes a great interview?

Having a unique take. Anyone can read, and then regurgitate the NY Times or Wall Street Journal. Being able to offer an original view on a news story can help set someone apart from the crowd.

3. Would you rather see Widespread Panic play the 2016 Republican convention or the Georgia Bulldogs playing in the College Bowl Series?

Easy. Georgia Bulldogs. We’ve been close a few times over the last decade, but haven’t been able to completely break through. And amongst Georgia fans, this isn’t a unique “take.”

4. What would your advice be to someone just trying to get into the broadcast and cable TV industry?

Meet as many people who work in the business as possible, then stay in touch with them. Also, having an understanding of the television business, and letting them know that you’re willing to do almost anything, are basic prerequisites.

5. What was the best professional advice you’ve ever been given?

Listen to people and ask questions. I talk a lot, so sometimes this can be a challenge. If done well, you’ll be surprised at what most people will tell you.