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Famous Friday Round Up



Weather: Saturday is looking gloomy with thunderstorms and a high of 76; Sunday is on the brighter side with a high of 78 and mostly sunny.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: The Capital Barbecue Battle of 2015; Smithsonian Folklife Festival Featuring Peru; Movie screening of Hook at Farragut Square; DC’s Largest Dance Party; Alexandria’s Food and Wine Festival



Supreme Court declares same-sex marriage legal in all states; T-Swift is on the move. Check out a list of things Taylor Swift should also change; The White House trolls journalists; If Biggie was killed with a kettlebell, we’d be suspicious; Take a look at bad blood without lyrics; Don’t miss USA vs. China Women’s World Cup match, TONIGHT; Can you say, Awkward; Epic art takes over one of the last gritty DC spaces; Obama being a boss; ACA is here to stay; Supreme Court declares gay marriage nationally legalWords from Obama regarding same-sex marriage Supreme Court ruling; New medical technology to detect Ebola in just minutes



EXCLUSIVE Snapchat Interview with Congressman Will Hurd; Keith Ellison wishes he was invited to the Prince party; Developers propose a revitalization of DC’s Hill East; Purple line, welcome to the DC metro; Friday night concert series on the Riverfront; No peace for the District as homicide rates climb; Ben’s Chili Bowl comes to H street; The District gets more bike and pedestrian friendly; If the metro starts smoking again, do this; DC has awesome prepared food; Paris Dennard has been given the greatest honor ever by Nordstrom



ClotureClub; and again ClotureClub; daveweigal; JimHavard; POTUS; CWSoftballGame; WaysMeansCmte; (maura)behindyourback; MariyaAlexander; HumorOrTruth; NBADraft; drinkdc; dcfocused



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Welcome to the world, Barrett Kent Snead!; Archie Smart; Brian Carl; Juliet EilperinD. Archibald SmartTony FrattoDaffnei O’Bryan RiedelMegan Bramble OwingsBrian JodiceMegan Barnett BloomgrenCasey HastingsKaren ModlinErin McPikeMichael Kaplan; Gretchen Hamel; Riley Featherston; Tita Thompson Freeman – enjoy Kiawah Island!; Happy Birthday Ariana Grande, Antoni Gaudi, JJ Redick, and Mindy Kaling; HBD to Michael Bender, Laura Litvan, Patrick O’Connor



Love wins; A big shout out to Amos Snead (FamousDC Co-Founder, Bryant Row Founding Partner) and Whitney Drew on the birth of a beautiful baby boy this week, Welcome the second coming of The Bear aka “Barrett”; You’re in my house; Congrats to Shannon and Don McGahn on the birth of their baby boy; Allison Cunningham was straight crushing it in B-More this week; Nick Juliano started at Politico from E&E handling energy reporting (h/t Brian Johnson); Maureen Beach is getting married this weekend; James and Kelsey Brothers have #natitude; Archie Smart likes Pampers; Happy 1st Date-iversary to Pete and Burson Taylor Snyder… we want the whole story!; The Jeff & Joseph Group continues to dominate DC real estate; Happy Anniversary to Andre Wells!; Taye Diggs becomes Hedwig on July 22nd



Gabriela Schneider joins Issue One, a nonprofit dedicated to encouraging the passage of campaign finance reform; Bill Allison is taking a job at Foreign Policy as a reporter covering transnational corruption; James Turk, the head of the nonprofit’s open-source community devoted to using technology to transform government, is leaving Sunlight Foundation; Evan Mackinder, a digital engagement manager at the Sunlight Foundation, announced on Thursday via Twitter that today would be his last day; Lester Holt was officially named host of “NBC Nightly News”John Bennett, most recently a senior Congressional reporter for Defense News, will join CQ as budget tracker; Jeanne Cummings, deputy managing editor at Bloomberg, is returning to The Wall Street Journal; Dennis Berman was named WSJ Financial Editor; Cece Ryan was named as Publisher of Real Simple; Vanessa Grigoriadis is joining The New York Times Magazine as a contributing writer; Foreign Policy Magazine welcomes journalists Dan De Luce and and Bill Allison to the team