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Famous 5: Ryan Grim

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Ryan Grim is the Washington bureau chief for the Huffington Post and a regular contributor on MSNBC. Whether you agree with him or not (shame on you) his opinions and commentary are fancied by the savviest in Washington. When he’s not keeping up with politics, he’s just trying to keep up with parenting (all thanks to his wife, Elizan) and we imagine being Superdad to Iris, Virginia, Sidney and George keeps him just as busy. We wanted to know more about Mr. Washington himself so we asked him a few questions and started out with a very important request:

Send us a picture that best describes you.


Cue the awwwwwws.


You are what you tweet: Send us a link of one of your tweets that best sums you up.

I just scrolled through my feed. What a mistake. There was nothing good on there. Like, not a single thing. I’m sick of twitter, but the one thing it’s good for is an outlet for stuff that isn’t worth a story, and so you can feel like something’s off your chest. It was useful recently when Karl Rove sent me a crazy email and I was able to just tweet it out and move on with my life.


If you weren’t in journalism, what would you be doing?

Well, I did a lot of things before journalism, and was fired from all of them, so I’d be jobless if it weren’t for this field.


Which athlete would you want jumping into the 2016 race?

Martina Navratilova obviously. If Cruz can run, so can she.


Where can we find you on a gorgeous day in DC?

At work.


Write your own question and then answer that question.

What gives life its meaning? Our own impending death, and love.


BONUS question: We’re seeing the food truck debate really dominating all of the political discussion in Chestertown, Maryland. Where do you come down on the Black Burro vs. Fishwhistle?

I’m on Team Ashley, just let her park her truck in town. It’s not like the town is suddenly going to be overwhelmed by food trucks. The farmers market hasn’t put Acme out of business. A few food trucks would be a draw to the town, another reason for tourists to come. More is not less. The restaurants will be fine.