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When you work on the Hill, certain tasks can take over the time you spend at the job. We put the call out to our chief of staff friends to ask how their time is spent at work. This week, we have how a Capitol Hill chief of staff’s day can sometimes be divided. Click on the preview above to see the full animated infographic.

Famous Friday Round Up   ROUNDUP PRESENTED BY FLYWHEEL SPORTS On March 31, Flywheel Sports, the indoor cycling brand rapidly expanding across the United States and abroad, is opening its first DC studio in the Dupont neighborhood. Occupying the former Visions Cinema space at 1927 Florida Avenue, NW, this will be Flywheel’s largest locale to date,

When you work on the Hill, certain tasks can take over the time you spend at the job. We polled our press secretary and former press secretary friends to ask how their time is or was spent at work. This week, we have how a Capitol Hill press secretary’s day can sometimes be divided.

The news is serious business. All day, influencers, lawmakers and everyday citizens follow DC reporters on Twitter to get the latest on what’s happening not only in DC but nationally. We have to be honest – sometimes we just follow them for the jokes.

All right all you big-time editors (looking at you, Ryan Grim, Susan Glasser, Jon Allen, Rachael Smolkin, Gabriel Snyder, Karey Van Hall, and Rachel Van Dongen) – we’re helping you find the next generation of talent. We reached out to our sources and  compiled a list of 5 political reporters

An astute and well-loved FamousDC tipster discovered a particularly powerful, historical memo written by journalist, anchor, columnist, radio host, musician and third White House Press Secretary under George W. Bush, Tony Snow. This was written for all “White House newcomers” before Bush’s inauguration, but it’s a good reminder for all

From Fishbowl to Washingtonian to Politico. Garrett Graff continues to make the rest of us look bad. Congratulations! “Garrett Graff will take over as editor of Politico Magazine. The former editor in chief of Washingtonian, … Garrett has stepped in as acting editor since Blake [Hounshell] and I took on

Ashley Codianni at CNN played Cards Against Humanity with Members after SOTU. This is only one of the most amazing moments. Rep. Duffy got the question, “What puts a smile on Joe Biden’s face?” None of these Members, except Rep. Sean Duffy, know how to play. It’s incredible. Watch the

#NATIONAL Did someone just call double-stuffed Oreos gauche?; Amazon will offer you a dollar to take their slower delivery service; surely we don’t need reading glasses yet, but when we do…; Goin’ to Mars again y’all; who watched Sharknado 2?; Named Skywalker? No passport for you; dollar dollar bill; pay

We highly recommend you get your Congressional Baseball Game fantasy roster on, before it’s too late. Why? you ask. One, because you know exactly who the best players, MVPs and surprise underdogs are on the team this year. Two, more truthfully, because you can win some sweet swag. And

And now, for your end of day viewing pleasure, today’s White House fainting intern. h/t Jeremy Art A White House pool report released later said the woman was working the first day of her internship and was attending the briefing with other interns. It was a tough first day. Information

“The New York Times is reconsidering its long-standing plan to create an early morning political tipsheet [POLITICO has learned“] SCOTUSblog just can’t catch a break [denied credentials again] NPR crowding Matt Laslo’s space [MD gubernatorial beer preferences] Chris Brown is trying to [make a deal] Marion Barry hears “Yogurt Tax”

By popular demand, we partnered up with our friends over at Photox again for a little fun with some of our favorite politicos.

Enjoy this post from the FamousDC vault. You know the subject matter well. For many offices, the summer intern hunting season is officially over.  This means it is time to gawk, chortle, snicker and generally decry some of the more…special applicants that came through this year. Let it be known,

This is a cool tilt-shift video of a D.C. It makes ours a little, teeny, tiny, itty, bitty, little, tiny city.