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In what’s becoming an annual event, FamousDC teamed up last night with the American Gaming Association to tip off  March Madness mayhem. Political debate was set aside for the most important contest of the evening – the NCAA basketball tournament. Guests mingled, buzzers beat and brackets busted as large screen TVs

Nathan Imperiale might not be getting younger, but he’s still our favorite boss. Happy Birthday, Nathan. Enjoy your big day!

Last year’s FamousDC happy hour schedule was so successful, we’ve decided to add more dates in 2013. If you like free drinks, great conversation and amazing networking opportunities in the DC area, be sure to sign up below. [gravityform id=”1″ name=”Subscribe”]

If your weekend was anything like ours, you spent it drinking adult beverages and relaxing in the sun. If your weekend was anything like that of Casey Phillips, Creative Director at Red Print, you spent part of your weekend pulling an enormous truck with your bare hands. Pulled a truck today. My form

We’re well into this 2016 election season and it has seriously felt like one big science experiment, but instead of lab rats and monkeys, it’s us – innocent and defenseless human beings. Our principals, ideologies and, especially, our patience continue to be tested by two mad scientists guised as presidential candidates – Donald Trump and

Guessing is hard… really hard. But you know what’s even harder? Being wrong – which is something Donald Trump knows nothing about – just ask him. Below are headlines from this election cycle with a common denominator: they’re all wrong. What’s even more interesting is that we stopped pulling headlines after the second page

Headlines and soundbites from the past year have placed another highly quotable figure in the limelight of public attention. His name – John Boehner. We present you with the fifth installment of our Famously Quoted Poster Series:        

The division leading Washington Nationals are on a tear and DC is rallying around the winning sports team. Over here at FamousDC, we thought it would be fun to list just a few of our favorite things about the Nats. Read the top 10 list.

For 138 years U.S. Presidents have welcomed Americans to the White House for the Easter Egg Roll. This year’s theme was “Let’s Celebrate!” and more than 40,000 people joined the President and the First Family on the South Lawn for games, stories, and, of course, the traditional egg roll. For

94.7 Fresh FM’s Tommy McFly and Kathryn Lyons fulfilled their duties as responsible citizens. They took to the streets to poll the people of New Hampshire… Avenue.* *Results may be inaccurate and do not represent any model worth looking into. Stay tuned for complete (and still inaccurate) results.

It took several hours, but we just nailed our first weather model for the impending snow storm. Of course you’re hoping this impending thundersnow skips the District altogether and no one misses a single day of work…of course you are.    

Congrats to Missy Gibbons, Director of HSP Digital, and Jordan Lieberman, president of CampaignGrid, who will be married today at the Casa Marina in Key West surrounded by about 100 friends and family. Photo by Sara Croom

Sara and Ron Bonjean hosted a party for several hundred of their closest friends at their home in Alexandria, VA on Saturday evening – an event that did not disappoint. “The success of our traditional event is truly based on the efforts of family and close friends that put their

The team at FamousDC has spent countless hours trying to piece together the clues surrounding the secret Bonjean Christmas Party celebrity guest – and we’ve come up empty-handed. However, there’s good news: We just got ahold of the final clue which can be seen below. Yeah… we’ve still got nothing. As

Shut your damn mouth… Via @lachlan: Spotted in Georgetown last night: Bill Clinton, complete with cigar (see left breast pocket) Spotted in Georgetown last night: Bill Clinton, complete with cigar (see left breast pocket) — Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) November 6, 2015 As if we needed another reason to love