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Grace Ma captured this incredible view of a stormcloud-surrounded U.S. Capitol building. Make what metaphors you wish about stormclouds over the Capitol, this is an awesome photo.

The ice caps are melting, Solange is lashing out, and government is as inefficient as ever. It’s time to blow the horn, Mr. President. Should Obama Blow The Silver Horn The Founding Fathers Left In Case The Country Ever Needed Them?

Idiot kid gets arrested when he refuses to sit down at Portugal. The Man [National Zoo concert] The National Mall gets heavy use [so step gently] Marion Barry is being exploited [and coming out with a book] They arrested some Bloods in [Montgomery County] The Silver Line could mean [longer

Game on: The lineup for Members vs. Press (aka the 2014 Congressional Women’s Softball Game) has just been announced. Full roster below. Get your tickets for the Wednesday, June 18, 2014 game at 7PM. It’s always a blast, and ticket money goes to a good cause: benefiting the Young Survival

Actress Robin Wright (a.k.a. Claire Underwood from House of Cards) got sassy this weekend when asked about her favorite WHC: …we tried to get Wright’s take on her favorite White House correspondent. You know the folks whose work the weekend is supposed to be celebrating? “Who are they?” she asked,

#NATIONAL The pollen vortex is here; kids these days; Rob Ford- c’mon man; Godzilla is too fat; “What is a photocopier?”; wearable tech: a gun that needs a watch to fire; we’re entering a post-antibiotic era so see y’all later; mint juleps, anyone?; this joke about May never gets old;

Story Partners, in honor of the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner,  hosted a slew of Washington influentials at their inaugural “Welcome to Washington: A Salute to Women in Journalism” event. The party, co-hosted by Story Partners’ Gloria Dittus, NBC’s Betsy Fischer Martin,Washingtonian’s Cathy Merrill Williams, CNN’s Dana Bash, CBS News’ Jan Crawford, and The New Republic’s Julia Ioffe definitely kicked off the weekend

Breaking: CNN is still looking for this roundup #NATIONAL Yellowstone … Yikes; Goodbye Letterman; RGIII is keeping #10, DeSean Jackson; CRAWFISH; We heard the last HIMYM episode sucked but need to catch up on seasons 1-9 so NO SPOILERS for the next year and a half; Microsoft rolled something out

#NATIONAL #MarchMadness; Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight went live; How’s your bracket going?; no Tesla for NJ; Prime hikes prices; Where is the plane – still; Russia’s new bases are a little close to home; Microsoft probably read your email; Harvard really?; Welcome, chicken from hell; this kid is asleep; #DISTRICT Welcome back,

#NATIONAL 1WTC at 1,776 ft = ‘MERICA; We love our vets! [On Nov. 11 & all other days of the year]; On Instragram straight flexin’; We’re really looking forward to crashing some holiday parties; Adam Levine and his puppy. You’re welcome; Don’t tase me bro; Under Armour drops $150M on MapMyFitness; Sorry; #THEDISTRICT If your colleague went to Fight Night and made it

#NATIONAL It’s officially no shave November; Umm… No more Dollar Menu at McDonald’s?!?; “FALL BACK” weekend; Rob Lowe is so handsome; Huma officially a fashionista; #BeBenetton; “Eidtor”; The King (+ the rest of the NBA) has returned to a TV near you; Mitt Romney Meets the Press; Sexy Equinox campaign pulled; Congrats Red Sox, we guess; #BostonStrong; Sriracha in the air; Does

POLITICO’s Patrick Gavin: Team ’12: Obama Girl, Alphacat Well, for the first time, Ettinger and Crosson are appearing in a video together. In the world of Obama-themed YouTube videos, this is like a Kanye-Jay-Z collaboration. The video is the first by PoliPop, YouTube’s Entertainment & Politics Network, which is set

Meet Marin Cogan, GQ’s Political Correspondent. Marin took a couple minutes between chasing down Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney to answer a few questions for one of our Famous 5 interviews. 1. How did you land the sexiest political reporting gig in DC? It all began very sexily: with an

A creative attempt by the Washington Post to entice new readers.

Hat tip to Patrick Reis at Politico’s Morning Energy for this great one-liner. He might not be able to tell what day of the week it is, but the man can write. As we all know, Congress – like the Metro – is not scared to go to single tracking. Read the