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#MANAGINGEDITOR KATHRYN LYONS Managing Editor at FamousDC “My quotes are generally shorter than a press conference.” Weather: We’re feeling prettayyyyy good about this weather! Presidents’ Day weekend is bringing us a taste of spring with mostly sunny skies on Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures will reach the mid to high 60s and will

 #GUESTEDITOR CAMERON EASLEY Managing Editor at Morning Consult “Friday is here! Unless you’re a senator, in which case it’s still Wednesday. You’re probably not a senator though, so let’s take a look back at the week that was and turn up for the weekend ahead.” Weather: WARNING: DC is about to heat up!…sort of.

Weather: Old Man Winter is taking full advantage of the groundhog’s shadow. Six more weeks of winter starts right now, as temperatures fluctuate between the 20s and low 50s this weekend. On the upside, Mr. Golden Sun will brighten our day tomorrow, but don’t expect him to warm it up because

FAMOUS FORECAST The skies are a little cloudy and the rain is pouring down throughout the day so make sure to pop those umbrellas and pull on your rain boots because let’s be real, puddle jumping is an all time favorite activity. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Yearly Round Up:

FAMOUS FORECAST It’s going to be a beautiful day with a high of 42 and rays of sun shining over the District until sundown. The evening hours are getting down to 30 degrees with overall clear skies. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Yearly Round Up: 2016 Free Metro Rides on New

FAMOUS FORECAST It’s a bit rainy this morning in DC so hopefully ya’ll had your umbrellas for your morning commute, but those won’t be needed this afternoon because the sun will be making an appearance and temps are getting up to 50 degrees. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Yearly Round

FAMOUS FORECAST 45 degrees today in DC getting into the low 30’s in the evening, but the sun is shining to keep our spirits high on this lovely Wednesday. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Furry and Bright The sweetest engagement Holiday Gift Guide: Politician edition WEDNESDAY JAM Brought to you by

FAMOUS FORECAST The District is lighting up with some fabulous sunshine and 61 degree temperatures today so take full advantage while you still can before Old Man Winter returns after the first of the year. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The sweetest engagement Move over Santa, today is Robin’s day.

FAMOUS FORECAST DC is “heating” up with temperatures getting as high as 50 degrees! Skies will be cloudy throughout the day and the evening hours will be chilly, but ultimately it’s going to be a fantastic day. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The sweetest engagement Move over Santa, today is

FAMOUS FORECAST The sun is shining and temperatures are looking good today! Temps are in the mid to high 40’s in DC making for an excellent Friday and a not-so-cold night out. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The sweetest engagement Move over Santa, today is Robin’s day. Holiday Gift Guide:

FAMOUS FORECAST Winter may have officially arrived yesterday, but the temperatures are staying in the mid 40’s this AM and moving into the low 50’s later in the afternoon. The sun will be beaming down all day as well so enjoy your Thursday! WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW CAVA’s innovation

Weather: For those of you still in DC, Old Man Winter is giving you a tiny break from the blustery action. This weekend will bring temperatures that range from the high 30’s to low 50’s along with a chance of rain showers on Saturday. The good news is that your Christmas will be merry

FAMOUS FORECAST Things are heating up just a tiny bit in the District with temperatures getting up to 48 DEGREES! Skies will be partly sunny so keep you shades handy and enjoy your Wednesday. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW CAVA’s innovation kitchen to open in Shaw Confessions of a Capitol

FAMOUS FORECAST Oh the weather outside is frightful, but our office is so delightful and since there’s no snow to blow…let it shine let it shine let it shine! That’s right, the sun is out bright and shiny today but temperatures are pretty frigid being in the high 20’s and

FAMOUS FORECAST Temps are at the freezing point this AM in DC and creeping into the high 30’s throughout the day with sunny skies until sundown. The evening hours will definitely be chilly with temperatures as low as 25 degrees so be sure to layer up and stay warm! WHAT