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8/31 Friday Round Up: Laboring into the weekend

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Photo: John Sonderman


Awesome events: What’s Labor Day weekend without a little pop and country music? Niall Horan and Maren Morris can show you tonight at Jiffy Lube Live; Steve Byrne is bringing the funny to DC Improv this weekend; And comedian Hasan Minaj will be doing the same on Saturday night!; Anacostia Park is celebrating 100 years as a National Park (that’s older than most of you); The 2018 Labor Day Weekend Music Festival is going down at the Lincoln Theater; No Sunday scaries this weekend – the National Symphony Orchestra is here to soothe your Sunday with the Labor Day Capitol Concert; Wundering what to do on Monday? Try the DC Blues Festival at Wundergarten (see what we did there?); Sure you like Hip-Hop but do you know Hip-Hop?; And of course, there’s always brunch.


A moment for the great Senator John McCain; This is why we can’t have nice things; Here’s a guide for all you Fantasy Football first-timers; A little life advice from a Crazy Rich Asian; A video of a little girl finding out she’s getting adopted is making us ugly cry; Move over Labor Day – the PSL is actually the unofficial end to summer; Sorry mom, your kid doesn’t need you because HE HAS A PERSONAL BACK TO SCHOOL STYLIST; A guide to breaking bad (habits).


As summer leaves us, so do the last of our summer interns, only to make room for another marvelous group of fall interns which reminds us of a time that we, too, had an intern – until we didn’t.


We can’t promise this shirt will help your fantasy team win its league, but we can promise it’s made from 100% cotton.


Someone tell Roy Schwartz he got a special shout out in the FamousDC Round-Up; Nick DeSarno continues to crush it on a week by week basis; Mr. Lira traveled to France and forgot one important thing: Us; Oh, the places you’ll go, Mr. Imperiale; Welcome back to the States Kristen Anderson; Noah Chestnut is always spittin’ truth; Doug Parsons always keeps it real; Can anyone out Alex Gangitano right now?; Our hearts go out to Ted Prill and his family; Ask Benjamin Cassidy about his stone cold IDs; Congrats to Russ Smith; Hello Bobby Honold; RIP Jon Graham; Never go on a roller coaster with Andrew Shore; Where in the world is Matt Gannon?; Ask David Almacy why he no longer has fingerprints; Is Doug Thornell doing his annual “The Redskins are gonna be good this year” tour?; Tommy Vietor added Brad Parscale to his Christmas card list; Howard Mortman has been dominating Twitter with great content; Michael Beach has all the good numbers; Chuck Todd tweeted to remind everyone to ignore Tweeters; Donald Trump spent part of his busy week polishing hashtags; Did Tommy McFly coin the phrase “resting beach face”?; Lindsey Mask appears to have started her Christmas shopping; Ben Sasse embraced his inner meme this week; Brad Dayspring wants you to text him more often; Tell Neal and Jessica Patel congratulations. Welcome to our world Nora!; We’ll be thinking of Jordan McGillis’ workout routines while eating Hot Dogs this weekend; Someone tell John Winters that Fantasy Football Commissioner isn’t a real job; Who Instagram Storied Little Pearl best: Brittany Havens, Becky Card, Charlotte Savercool, Elena Hernandez, Macey Sevcik, or Teresa Gambo?; Dayton the Doxie continues to dress to impress; We can’t wait to see Stephanie Genco’s new European kicks; Congratulations to our friends at Advoc8 on being recognized as one of the top experiential agencies in the U.S.!; Future Members of Congress Avery, Grayson, and Knox Handley will be making their very first Nats appearance on Sunday (and Trevor Igoe is a very proud Uncle); Who wants to Party For A Purpose this fall? P4P is hosting their fall fundraiser via Virginia wine tour to raise funds to assist #SOUL, a DC nonprofit working to combat statistics by offering academic, social, emotional, and professional development support to disadvantaged students in DC, through various programming Register here!; Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Eric Picotte!; Welcome back to DC, Goody;

#MakingMoves by S-3 Public Affairs

Jennifer Hansler is making moves to the State Department to work with CNN. She previously worked with CNN Politics; Eric Michael Garcia is leaving Roll Call to be an editor at The Hill. Congrats Eric; After 8 years at E&E News, Amanda Reilly is moving over to Climatewire as deputy editor; Sending congratulations to Dr. Kelli Ward for her new role as Fox News Contributor; Yesterday was Rebecca Coffman‘s last day as digital director with In Pursuit Of. She will be returning to DC-based brand marketing firm Advoc8; Allyson Manley, Chairman Kevin Brady’s press secretary for the last two years, is heading to Denver to do communications for the energy company Anadarko; Congratulations to Blake McCarron who will be heading up communications for Democratic candidate Haley Stevens’ run for Congress; Congratulations to Josh Hone, who bootstrapped and built the business development team at DC startup Quorum as a Vice President, and is now joining the leadership team at creative agency Advoc8 as Managing Director of growth #DoBigThings


Famous birthday wishes to Hunter Nedd, Stefani Nick, Charlie Athey, Amy Auth, Maggie Bohanon, Leland Vittert, Mattie Duppler, Jennifer Stong, President and Founder of Forward Strategies Mattie Duppler, Robert Stillwell, Bill Beutler, Carly Heitlinger, Tara Palmeri, Sue Robusto, J.P Freire, Mollie O’Dell, Genevieve Carter, Tom Manatos (the most connected dude in DC!), Emily Porter, Lance Brown, Drew Ellis, Elina Shirazi, Sarah Curran, Jayne Visser, Jared Allen, Creg Fleetwood, Amy Fenton, Dad to Red – Alex Schriver, Brian Johnson, NBC News producer Andy Gross, Alec Poitevint, Ryan Hammel, Brian Wolff, Jamie Wall, Pranav Vora, Dustin Carmack, Dylan Vorbach, JP Freire and Tom Wilbur!


Monday called. It wants you to turn your alarm off ⏰