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With all the election analysis we’ve endured this week, the Public Affairs Council had a bit of fun and asked their community about their favorite election night traditions.

Below are some of our favorite answers:

What are your plans for election night?

  • “Hope and tequila”
  • “Watching the results at home with every device possible”
  • “Watching the Duke/Kentucky game – much more enjoyable”

What food or drink will you be munching on to get you through the evening? 

  • “We have cheap wine from Aldi, we have vintage champagne. Depends on how things shake out.”
  • “McDonald’s McRib (it’s a personal tradition going back to election night 2006)”

What hashtag would you create to trend?

  • #stirringuptheswamp
  • #thankgodthisisoverfornow
  • #benice

Bonus: 76% of public relations pros surveyed think that Democrats will win control of the House.

To view all of the results, visit the Council’s website.