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In what’s becoming an annual event, FamousDC teamed up last night with the American Gaming Association to tip off  March Madness mayhem. Political debate was set aside for the most important contest of the evening – the NCAA basketball tournament. Guests mingled, buzzers beat and brackets busted as large screen TVs

The National Press Foundation seeks to recognize and reward the best of the best in journalism and this year was no exception. Every year, the NPF holds an Awards Dinner recognizing these individuals for their outstanding effort and accomplishments in the field of reporting and storytelling. FamousDC went behind the scenes

Famous Five – NBWA What’s the NBWA you ask? Well we can tell you it’s not the WNBA and we just accidentally screwed up with letters (we found that out the day of). This is a sophisticated and insightful interview about another “b” and, arguably, the best one out there: beer. Rebecca

This past year was filled with an unlimiting vision, an abundance of achievements and a few cups of coffee in between. Whether we were home in our nation’s capital or packed into a Ford Expedition on our way to Cleveland, we wouldn’t have made it without you (and a full

If you’re looking for colored LED lights and find that they’re sold out everywhere, it’s probably because the elves at Miracle on 7th Street bought them all for their Christmas meets “Stranger Things” pop up bar, Eat the Rich. For those few of you who haven’t stood in line at one of

It’s easy for us to lose sight of our surroundings as we hurry from one place to another. We’re constantly looking down at our phones or talking on them, or listening to music through devices that do an exceptional job of drowning out everything else. It’s not anyone’s fault necessarily –