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FamousDC packed the house for the 2nd VIP Pre-Debate Party at the Shinola Hotel in downtown Detroit, MI. Gourmet food, signature cocktails, and camaraderie highlighted the event at a unique venue and was clearly the place to be and be seen before the official debate festivities.

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The event would not be possible without the generous support of our headline sponsor PhRMA (also Miami’s Pre-Debate Headline Sponsor) and host sponsors Resonate and the National Automobile Dealers Association. CNN’s doubleheader debate will take place in Detroit on July 30th and July 31.

The event’s attendance roster included DC as well as local Detroit media, operatives, politicos, and other movers and shakers from various groups.

FAMOUSLY SPOTTED: Gary Grumbach (NBC), Anna Marie DiPietro (SBGTV), Jackie Kucinich (The Daily Beast), Adrienne Watson (DNC), Jeannine Ginivan (General Motors), Adrienne Elrod, Ashley Hayes (PhRMA), Joe Vogel (Cory Booker Campaign), Rebecca Maryland (PhRMA), Josh Jamerson (Wall Street Journal), Matt Dornic (CNN), Xochitl Hinojosa (DNC), Jennifer Epstein (Bloomberg), Sabrina Singh (Cory Booker Campaign), Scott Thuman (SBGTV), Juliet Guerra (NADA), David Regan (NADA), Jack Lofgren (Pete for America), Sara Mucha (CNN), Danelle Garcia (CNN), Mackenzie Corbin (DNC), Alex Boyer (DNC), Holly Campbell (PhRMA), Laura Barron-Lopez (Politico), Waikinya Clanton (DNC), Neil Sroka (Democracy for America), Thomas Beaumont (Associated Press), Alexis Wiley (City of Detroit), Ellen Thrower (DNC), Foxhall Parker (DNC), Haley Link Krogman (DNC), Katharine Lister (Amazon), Lara Aulestia (Resonate), Rep. Debbie Dingell (US House of Representatives), Cat Rakowski (NBC), Brandon Gassaway (DNC), Brandon Hynes (DNC), Brad Dayspring (Politico), Muriel Chase (DNC), Emily Kuhn (CNN), Amber Lyons (PhRMA), Jonathan Collegio (NADA), Mollymae Metheny (PhRMA), Daiel Wessel (DNC), Kitty O’Keefe (CNN), Michael Del Moro (NBC), Katie Rosborough (Twitter), Nick Pacilio (Twitter), Greg Martin (NBC), Alexi McCammond (Axios), Marisa Schultz (NY Post)

[View the event photos]

FamousDC - Detroit DNC Debate Event 123

FamousDC - Detroit DNC Debate Event 36

FamousDC - Detroit DNC Debate Event 103