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10/5 Friday Round Up: At least there’s baseball?

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Friends and fam,

After nearly 3 incredible years with FamousDC, it’s time for me to bid you all a famous farewell. It’s not a forever goodbye – the FamousDC crew will need to issue a restraining order before I’m completely out of their hair – it’s a “see you later”.

I want to thank my FamousDC mom and dad, Amos Snead and Josh Shultz, for allowing me a spot on this epic journey, my trusty task rabbit, Nathan Imperiale and the entire FamousDC team for being completely stellar rockstars. Last, but not least, I want to thank you all for not only keeping DC famous, but for always bringing out the best.

For now, onto the Round Up!



Famous events: It’s been a rough news cycle. Do yourself a favor and take a break from it to enjoy some Whose Line Is It Anyway – or even consider a whole 12 hours of comedy; Anything you have planned tonight – just cancel it and take a bath – a sound bath, that is; If you didn’t post your fall on Instagram, did you even have one?; In case we haven’t mentioned that it’s fall, it’s fall — and this fall, All Things Go at Union Market; A Boardwalk Block Party? Yes please. Art on the Avenue is a must-attend for art enthusiasts and anyone looking for a family-friendly event filled with live music, food and crafts (bonus: our friend Del Ray Don will be there in all his artsy glory)

#Watch By NJI Media

Flashback Friday: Tommy McFly, Kelly Collis and Jen Richer are some of the hardest working peeps in the biz. We know because albeit an extremely busy day, they still made time for FamousDC to stop by the studio and bother them – at 5 am.


Join FamousDC and the Grassroots Professional Network for our 1st annual Turkey Burn at Barry’s Bootcamp. This event will be an hour-long HIIT workout and athletics swag giveaway. 100% of the funds raised will help support the National Kidney Foundation. Come sweat and support a good cause.


 I’m sorry, what exactly is a vegan doughnut?; DC is the 6th best coffee city in America; This list of local news sources forgot to include FamousDC, but that’s ok because our moms think we’re special; If you own an AirBnB, you should AirBn-Beware; Birds are flying around drunk in Minnesota; Got food allergies? Pret A Manger has you covered; Can an apartment come with a built-in social life? Apparently, yes.


6,000 – that’s the number of props, posters and charts from U.S. elected leaders that Bill Gray has collected and archived over the last 5+ years for political junkies, and at the very least, himself. We introduce you to FloorCharts – the website, and now, the book.


If you buy some merch, we might leaf you alone 🍁🍂


Fritz Brogan’s taco day game is strong; Erin McPike and Marsha Catron own the future; Sarah Smith is a stylish working mom; Is Alyson Chwatek reading from Austria?; Dorey Scheimer might not be running in 2020 but we hope her golden retriever is; Don’t come back from Hawaii with a spinal cord injury, Audrey Henson; Congratulations are in order for Ed and Valerie O’Keefe – welcome to the world Margot!; If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like when someone gets knocked down and hops right back up, look no further than to Tommy McFly, Kelly Collis and Jen Richer. They all received some terrible professional news earlier this week, but we never saw the stop smiling. They were all thankful and appreciative of the community’s support. I think we could all learn a thing or two more from The Tommy Show; We want to be travel pals with Lauren Vitek and Pat Manion; Do yourself a favor and follow Liam Donovan on Twitter; A big shout to Mike Murphy; Oh, Benny…; Joe Pounder loves vest season; DC misses Julie & Mike Shutley; What in the world is Mick Kaplan up to these days?; Thank you Archibald for keeping us posted on your travels; Nikki Schwab is hoping the Stanley Cup makes it back to Pittsburg; Congratulations to Amy O’Connor for knocking the Business Roundtable rebrand and web-build out of the park; Jon Allen knows where AMZN is headed; Happy conference season, and good luck to Rachna Raniga; Congrats to Erik Rosedahl for having a great first year at Phone2Action; Lauren Crawford Shaver got the Caps season off to a quick start; It’s unclear if Andrew Fimka is a Red Sox fan. 


Famous birthday wishes to Joanna Ellis, Doug Andres, William Gray, Todd Malan, Heidi Schauer, Logan Dobson, Mark Paoletta, George Talbot, Meredith Werner, Shawn Vasell, Billy Harvard, Matt Well, Tara DiJulio, Tracy Sefl, Jeff Ostermayer, S-3 Public Affairs’ Stephanie Genco, Jeff Mortier, Tom Wiliams, Julia Collins, Chase Noyes, Blain Rethmeier,Kristi Brewster, Erick Sanchez,Washington Life’s Catherine Trifiletti Slaninka, Rich Counts, Lauren Marquez and Daniel Turner!


You need a drink.