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#NATIONAL The pollen vortex is here; kids these days; Rob Ford- c’mon man; Godzilla is too fat; “What is a photocopier?”; wearable tech: a gun that needs a watch to fire; we’re entering a post-antibiotic era so see y’all later; mint juleps, anyone?; this joke about May never gets old;

#DC Barbara Boxer + 50 Cent = this; The White House Garden tour was as fun as it usually is; Bipartisanship is not dead; is the panda played out?; here’s a Metro map  OF BARS; one great thing to come out of Creativity Conference is a 3D-printed of Sen. Dodd h/t Janelle Hervig; Do you like people getting in your way when you’re running and biking?; terrifying Baltimore street collapse; outdoor pilates and yoga in DC; Jim Billimoria took a cool shot; Renovations are starting in the US Capitol and it looks kind of amazing; illegal and beautiful drone footage of DC;

#WHCD We’ve got your WHCW tips right here; Is the WHCD Secret Brunch at PJ Clarke’s?; the #SPWHCD party was really fun; What it’s like to write jokes for Obama; Nerd prom is getting a lot more nerdy and simultaneously a lot more popular; Did Whitney Port ever get an invite?; Joel McHale knows hosting is going to be weird; watch out for Patrick Gavin’s camera; Will the release of “This Town” tamper down parties? (um, no); the other President is in town; beware the Twitter mirror;

#CONGRATS Congrats Kenny Ames and Laura Goldin on your engagement!; Hannah Loy is making things happen; Congrats Shawn McCoy on launching Inside Sources; Good news for Justin and Cristin Buckles Prosser; Way to go Emily Mueller for returning to her Kansas roots and heading over to the upper chamber to advise Sen Pat Roberts on Health policy; Congrats to Noelle Doundoulakis on being proposed to by Will at the National Archives; #MoreFloorCharts;

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to Story Partners: Things are shaking at Bloomberg: Winnie O’Kelley was named executive editor for all U.S. government, legal and regulatory stories, Craig Gordon will be managing editor for Washington news and Jonathan Allen was named Washington bureau chief. Michael Shepard and Nicholas Johnston were named new deputy managing editors. At WaPo, Robin Givhan returns to be a fashion critic and writer and Anna Fifield joins as the Tokyo bureau chief. William Gray is leaving C-SPAN to be a new Media Relations Specialist at Center for Public Integrity. Dylan Byers and Todd Purdum at POLITICO relocate to LA. Caroline May at Daily Caller moves to Breitbart’s political unit. David Scott at AP will now be the Political Editor for the news agency. Story Partners also threw an awesome party last night hosted by NBC’s Betsy Fischer Martin, Washingtonian’s Cathy Merrill Williams, CNN’s Dana Bash, CBS’s Jan Crawford and the New Republic’s Julia Ioffe. Oh yeah, and they had an ice sculpture. Read about it in POLITICO and see pics here.

#BYE See you at a combination WHCD/Derby Party or one of these sweet activities this weekend.

Photo by The Giant Vermin