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Nothing says good morning like a cherry blossom bloom at sunrise. A veteran of our Through the Lens series, Jeremy Art captures another gorgeous scene in our nation’s capital.

Not only is Mike Lurie great at capturing incredible cinemagraphs, but he’s also a poet. (He knows it). “On this dazzling splendid day Let our misgivings drift away The wind will guide our sway We are all this inflatable bunn-ay” – Mike Lurie

Navin Sarma captures this incredible shot as the late winter’s “snow moon” rises over the Memorial Bridge, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial. See more of Navin’s photography here.

A snow plow clears off the steps of the Supreme Court while a snow dusted memorial to Justice Scalia remains peacefully untouched. Lorie Shaull captures the scene.

Local photographer and videographer, Ben Carver captured mesmerizing footage of Logan Circle during the blizzard last weekend. Take a moment to watch the short film and enjoy a few minutes of wintery peace and calm. Blizzard in Logan Circle from Ben Carver on Vimeo.

Arlington photographer, Kevin Wolf captures a stunning black and white moment described as “shutter drag fun on moving sidewalk” in the National Gallery of Art. 

The photographer captures a beautiful shot of the copper dome atop the PNC Bank in Georgetown on a crisp winter day.

Jim Havard captures a foggy Christmas morning outside DC in Shenandoah, VA.

Kevin Wolf captures the Memorial Bridge on a foggy December morning.

Ben Timmins captures a peaceful moment at the World War I memorial during sunrise on the National Mall.

After months of anxiously awaiting for the secret location to be unveiled, DC’s second annual Dîner en Blanc convened on the lawn of the Carnegie Library where Washington’s most fabulous gathered for a night of culinary elegance. Over 2,000 strangers donned all white from head to toe including eccentric head pieces to carry out the …

Clif Burns snapped this unique black and white photo showing the vintage architecture of Washington DC. “Industrial Bank at Night.”

Photographer John Sonderman captured the musical and creative essence of Washington DC through this black and white photo of a couple musicians jamming out on the saxophone and cello.

A Washington DC night caught by the eye of a different perspective.

Contributed and authored by: Allie Erenbaum, a media and marketing student at American University. Instagram is a unique and diverse platform to find inspiration. Professional and amateur photographers get the chance to tell a visual story through the photos they’ve taken. The following account are just a few of the many …