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#NATIONAL 1WTC at 1,776 ft = ‘MERICA; We love our vets! [On Nov. 11 & all other days of the year]; On Instragram straight flexin’; We’re really looking forward to crashing some holiday parties; Adam Levine and his puppy. You’re welcome; Don’t tase me bro; Under Armour drops $150M on MapMyFitness; Sorry; #THEDISTRICT If your colleague went to Fight Night and made it to work before noon today – give him a hug and some water; The tip of the Washington Monument though…; A guide to DuPont Circle; Nancy Pelosi gets BuzzFeed Brew-ed; Alan Dershowitz signs books at GWU; The poor Capitol Reflection Pool is water-less; Redline still sucks (@unsuckDCmetro) but there are refunds; Watch the Senate split in GIF form; CapMac foodtruck bids us farewell; Ah, DC millennials; POLITICO Magazine launches; Warren Rojas calls out Janet Yellen’s wardrobe; ANCHORMAN AT THE NEWSEUM!!!; We got Chubby#BIRTHDAY Birthday cheers for Nathan Imperiale, Michael Schwab, Emily Pollock, Tyrone Gayle, Stephanie Kotuby, Linda Rozett, Tucker Bounds, Bennett Richardson, Katie Harbath, Adam Snider, Zeke Miller & Gail Gitcho; Happy 5 years to Taylor Gourmet; #CONGRATS National Journal shakeups; Michael Duffy, Daniel Kile & Radhika Jones get promotions at TIME;  CNN hires Brian Stelter as Reliable Sources host; Coral Davenport takes over a beat at the NYT; Matt Bai joins Yahoo! News; CQ promotes Sara Bondioli, hires Cameron Helmes Easley; Hugo Lindrgen is out; Don Seymour going somewhere fancy;  Kevin Yoder and Brad Wenstrup are new dads; #OUTTIES Don’t mind us… We’ll be HERE this weekend.