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Welcome to Famous Feedback – where we ask the folks that live and run this city a question and compile the responses. In light of the recent blizzard that just passed through the city we asked the friends of FamousDC how they weathered Snowzilla. “It was a pleasant, peaceful experience – the

A general overview of DC’s road conditions, brought to you straight from the FamousDC news desk. General road conditions Not so great. From NW to SE, road conditions seem to get worse. DC got up to 30 inches of snow this weekend and most of that is still on the roads

FAMOUS FRIDAY ROUND UP #WEEKEND Weather: Clear skies and sunny! Enjoy the weekend weather and make sure your plants have lots of water outside in the sun. Be sure to use a minimum of 30 SPF – this weekend is going to be one of the most gorgeous on record! For additional

Washington, D.C. – FamousDC today announced the addition and promotion of several team members. The media company will continue to grow its audience, while also rapidly expanding its event production capabilities around the country. “At FamousDC we are successful because we engage and connect with our audience,” said Amos Snead, Co-Founder, FamousDC.

Meet Paul Brandus, award-winning journalist and independent member of the White House press corps and the voice behind the West Wing Reports since 2009. Most recently, he authored the book,  Under This Roof: A History of the White House and Presidency released this fall and is also a Washington columnist on economics and

The nation’s capital – sounds cool, right? I mean, it has been a few years since your sixth grade field trip, but you still think it would be awesome to call the Obamas your neighbors. Don’t let the hype and those perfect pearly columns of the White House fool you.

  Famous Friday Round Up  #WEEKEND Weather: The DC vs. winter games continue and Washington is definitely coming out on top. This weekend is bringing sunny skies and highs in the 50’s, ensuring your weekly bottomless brunch is still on the books. #WinterIsn’tComing Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Mini ponies

Coach Taylor– the fictional character from award winning show, Friday Night Lights soared to stardom when he stole America’s heart as the beloved father-figure and inspirational football coach on the Texas based drama. Many will tell you- he’s not terrible to look at either. The show faces many issues around contemporary

Earlier today, an anonymous contributor sent us The GOP Communications Staffer Emotional Guide to the #SOTU Address – As Told by Taylor Swift. Not long after this glorious compilation of gif-reaction excellence entered the digital world, we got word that someone wanted to respond. This person, another communications staffer but

It’s no secret that Obama has led a presidential legacy of many “firsts”. Luckily for us, many of those firsts have been on social media. His administration was the first to have presidential Twitter and Facebook accounts; and now he is gracing us with his presence on Snapchat. Love him

It’s that time of year again – the President’s State of the Union Address. Yay! For those of us who work in communications, the #SOTU is a magical night where we get to not only listen and parse every single word of a very long speech, but we also get

Meet Navin Sarma. By day, he is a Client Executive at Hewlett Packard Enterprise here in Washington, DC. By night, (and any time of day he’s not in the office) he’s out capturing the beauty of our nation’s capital. Navin is one of those rare “lifers” born and bred in

So you’re having a casual catch-up session with one of your childhood friends, and when you bring up your status as a D.C. denizen, the conversation goes something like this. You: “Well, that’s what happens in the DMV.” Friend: “The DMV? Didn’t you just renew your driver’s license a month

The Redskins Twitter account said it best: “Go ahead, update your pic.” In other words, to all the pseudo-fans too embarrassed to rock Redskins swag the rest of the year, this is your official invitation to jump on the bandwagon. That’s right. The Washington Redskins are the NFC East Division

The youngest-ever Hill Navigator, Micah Salzman Margolies, was born yesterday to Warren Margolies and Rebecca Gale. He came into being at at 3:08PM, weighing in at an admirable 6 pounds 5 ounces. He is named for his great-grandfather Max Kravitz and great-grandmother Rose (Salzman) Gale. He joins his brother Ezra as