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FamousDC’s Kathryn Lyons teams up with #SECShorts star Southern internet sensation embarks on DC internship journey FamousDC today announced a multi-part video series collaboration featuring FamousDC Managing Editor Kathryn Lyons and SEC Shorts star, Josh Snead. The video series, which will continue through the month June, marks the start of Summer

The Capitol Visitor Center was abuzz last Thursday evening for AdvaMed’s MedTech Showcase. The best and brightest from the House and Senate, medtech industry, media and more convened to showcase and honor the latest and greatest innovations in medical technology, the amazing minds who’ve brought them from the pages of science fiction

#MANAGINGEDITOR   KATHRYN LYONS Managing Editor for FamousDC Weather: We’re assuming you called out sick today because the weather is phenomdotcom. Your afternoon will be filled with sunshine, 80 degree weather and lots of reasons to hit up a rooftop happy hour – if you’re not there already. If DC’s pool

When a snowstorm in the Northeast canceled the flights of two congressmen in Texas, they decided to set out on a 1,600-mile road trip back to DC.

Weather: Is it just us or is this weather playing hard to get?…Because it’s working. The change in temperature continues as it drops tonight, resulting in a wintry mix that’ll kick off the weekend – and no, we’re not referring to your latest playlist. We’re talking possible rain-turned-snow due to near

FAMOUS FORECAST The sun is shining and temperatures are looking good today! Temps are in the mid to high 40’s in DC making for an excellent Friday and a not-so-cold night out. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The sweetest engagement Move over Santa, today is Robin’s day. Holiday Gift Guide:

Weather: For those of you still in DC, Old Man Winter is giving you a tiny break from the blustery action. This weekend will bring temperatures that range from the high 30’s to low 50’s along with a chance of rain showers on Saturday. The good news is that your Christmas will be merry

FAMOUS FORECAST Things are heating up just a tiny bit in the District with temperatures getting up to 48 DEGREES! Skies will be partly sunny so keep you shades handy and enjoy your Wednesday. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW CAVA’s innovation kitchen to open in Shaw Confessions of a Capitol

If you work on Capitol Hill you see, hear, and overhear many things that the rest of the mortal world isn’t privy to. These privileged professionals that serve our US government acquire a wealth of knowledge that sometimes is just too good not to share. We’ve provided a platform on

Ten years ago, the Blunt Force Congressional Flag Football team took to the field and began an epic two year run of back-to-back championships. While many of those world class athletes have gone on to much greater careers since their football playing days, FamousDC was able to sit down with
The Kim Komando Show

Today’s the day when the majority of Americans are conned into buying things they don’t need and will never use for the sole purpose of saying that they bought these items for a great deal. But us DCers know how to get the best bang for our buck- I mean

FAMOUS FORECAST We’re holding onto the warm(ish) weather as long as possible with temps getting up to 68 today! Sunny skies are also taking over the District so be sure to get out there and enjoy it while it lasts. FRIDAY JAM Brought to you by Tazewell Jones of FamousDC Life would be

The end of this election has brought us a new chapter in the legislative branch of the United States – and the 115th time’s the charm. Fireside21 and FamousDC on Wednesday November 16 will convene the who’s who of DC to welcome the newest Members of Congress at an open house on Capitol Hill. The celebration, held at Stanton and Greene,

D.C. just keeps getting sweeter! Not only does the National Confectioners Association satisfy our sweet cravings, they also bring a powerful and meaningful message to the candy industry through their #PowerOfSweet initiative. The CEOs of top U.S. manufacturers of chocolate, candy, gum, and mints are in town this week for