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Famous Friday Round Up


Weather: The DC vs. winter games continue and Washington is definitely coming out on top. This weekend is bringing sunny skies and highs in the 50’s, ensuring your weekly bottomless brunch is still on the books. #WinterIsn’tComing

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Mini ponies are invading 14th St.; Finally meet Bei Bei at his first public appearance at the National Zoo; Check out the DC Music pop-up museum at the DC library; Hit up Bethesda’s MLK Day concert, Step Xplosion; Re-live the era of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and so many more games at the Indie Arcade taking place at American Art Museum.


Taste of the South

Taste of the South’s 2016 charity gala featuring southern fare and libations will be held on Saturday, April 16th at the Washington Hilton. Tickets are set to go on sale on Friday, March 11th. Taste of the South supports deserving charities from 13 southern states plus D.C.

Those winter blues got you down? Join Taste of the South for a pre-party on Friday, February 5th.
For full details visit our Facebook page.


Only 230 days until college football; Remembering one of the “best damned antagonists of all time”, Alan Rickman; Hold on, let me DRAKE that for youThese kids are going places (we’re just not sure we want to join them); It’s still hard to take candidates seriously when they use Snapchat, but we’ll get there; Don’t ignore Kanye West’s phone calls; Momofuku says no tipping; If only this Kim Davis Snope had been true; Puppy bowl as seen through virtual reality; Excuse me sir, is that Python in your pants?; Jeb Bush- major key: no one can water your plants for you; And another one: White House Snapchat offers key to success; Netflix, the ultimate promoter of laziness, just made you lazier; Adele karaoke is pretty much the only video that mattered this week; As we prepare for the 2016 elections, we’d like to take a moment to remind the folks who voted in the 2000 elections that it’s now safe to remove your 16 year-old bumper sticker #W; EVERY Chipotle is closing FOR A WHOLE DAY; Bob Dylan singing Hotline Bling = playing on repeat; Ted Cruz locked up the NYC vote last night; Russian man is Leonardo’s overweight doppelgängerPowerball number theory with Luke Russert; These nano celebrity impressions will blow your mind.


A look at the State of the Union through photos; There’s now a podcast that focuses solely on Washington’s biggest failures and we can’t wait to tune in; Anyone upset about a kid’s castle treehouse is a terrible human being; Bed Bugs are gross and DC has a lot of them; Curveball question: what do you do for a living?; Alexis Ohanian sold Reddit and immediately upgraded his dad’s Redskins tickets; If this doesn’t warm your heart at least a little you are made of stone; Marco Rubio’s high heeled booties are really making a name for themselves; Oh hey Barack Obama, can I borrow some flour?; Unpacking Bob Boilen; 82 days until the Nationals Opening Day; RGIII’s leaves an inspiring note in his locker before leaving; Presidential history to be annotated like rap songs; Don’t be tardy to the voting party- Speaker Ryan bringing the gavel down on lateness; DC is getting serious about soccer; Why the Redskins players are so frugal.


Friday Grind

Coach Taylor and President Obama Are Basically the Same Person

Now That We’re Filthy Rich

Famous 5: Navin Sarma

Capitol Hill SOTU Survival Guide


Mark Walters; Rebecca Heslin Haller; “Wonder Woman”; Rebecca Berg; Nikki Schwab; Virginia Lyon; Katherine Anne Russo; DeMario Greene; Simone Portera-Wilkinson; Liz Pettis; Doug Thornell; Erin Veltman; James Rossi; Justin Lewis; Alex Quarles; Kyle Zittel; Daniel Mahaney; Simon Wagner; Alexandra Ruh; Amanda Preston; Portia Winn; Rachel Leah; Alyssa Caffarelli; Terence Shannon; Zachary Kreeger




Caleb Smith, when are you getting drinks with VP Biden?; Welcome back to the Capitol, Kevin Smith. It’s honored to have you back!; Scott Binkley crushing the casual Wednesday look; Matt Viser has truly made it; Will Carty may be the heir to a throne in Anguilla; Give Geoff Embler a high-five for following his dream and then go see him perform stand-up at The Electric Maid in Takoma on Saturday, Jan. 30 at 7:30 PM; Josh Shultz is doing a casting call for his latest drama, “I want new friends and coworkers“; Taz Jones needs to be a motivational speaker and life coach; How many dogs and cats does Julie Germany have?; Hannah Loy isn’t sorry for listening to the entire One Direction catalog in a single sitting; FamousDC made it to BuzzFeedSean Hayes’ flow is out of control, compliment him; Ted Greener is doing big things at AAR; Nathan Imperial’s dog left us lots of presents at the office today; Kaleb Froehlich is still mad at the USC AD. #NoChipKelly; Does Katherine Cresto still read this far down?; Sadly, there will be no college football this weekend; We miss Liz Eddy; Hello Polly DeBron!; Quick! Ask Jeremy Art why he’s so excited; Joanna Piacenza witnessed the future this morning – ask her about it; Lis Smith tunes in to the GOP debates to watch the candidates go birther on each other; Louisa Imperiale would have you know that she’s been pouring champagne wrong her entire life; Huge congrats to Missy Gibbons and Jordan Lieberman who tied the knot last weekend!; Give Doug Thornell a hug, he needs it; A little over a week out from FamousDC’s big announcement.


Cheers to Micah Johnson for killing it on the Hill and taking on a new challenge – wishing her the best on her next adventure; Bloomberg Politics launches podcasts hosted by Tammy Haddad, Betsy Fischer Martin, and Will LeitchNicole Daigle is now Media and Issue Management at API; Zack Roday joins Team Ryan as Press Secretary; Jack Smith is now Senior Managing Director at POLITICO; Mark D. Drapeau is the new Senior Director of Membership, North America at Application Developers Alliance; Ashley Callen is now Staff Director & Chief Counsel for Investigations at House Committee on Science, Space, & Technology, Subcommittee on Oversight; Cheyenne Hopkins, a former reporter at Bloomberg, is joining Edelman’s Washington, D.C. office as a vice president in the firm’s Financial Communications practice; Joseph Grieboski is now Host and Executive Producer at Full Disclosure with Joe Grieboski.


Donald Trump wasn’t mentioned once in this email.