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Kathryn Lyons

Kathryn Lyons

#GUESTEDITOR Michelle Goldchain Editor at CurbedDC  “In the city that sometimes sleeps, here is the news that should keep you up at night, partying and enjoying the District life.” Weather: Today is about the wettest and warmest it’ll be all weekend. Cats and dogs will stop falling from the sky by

Can we put a cap on this playoff series so the Washington Capitals​ can just win the dang Stanley Cup?

#MANAGINGEDITOR   KATHRYN LYONS Managing Editor for FamousDC Weather: We’re assuming you called out sick today because the weather is phenomdotcom. Your afternoon will be filled with sunshine, 80 degree weather and lots of reasons to hit up a rooftop happy hour – if you’re not there already. If DC’s pool

S-3 Public Affairs took over Stanton & Greene last night to welcome its newest additions: Alyson Chwatek, Kate Dickens, Stephanie Genco, Arjun Mody, Shawn Pasternak, and Todd Wooten. The newest team members received nothing short of a warm welcome as Members of Congress, Hill staffers, members of the media, politicos

#GUESTEDITOR Lauren Weber Editor of Huffington Post’s Morning Email Weather: Get ready for a moist weekend. Look, we don’t like that word either, but when the next few days are filled with rain and humidity, it’s important we manage expectations. The rest of your Friday will see highs in the mid

#MANAGINGEDITOR   KATHRYN LYONS Managing Editor for FamousDC Weather: This weather though! Today will remain mostly sunny with temperatures in the high 60s and a light breeze which, in our opinion, is perfect for some patio-people-watching at happy hour. Tomorrow the skies will be throwing some serious shade – bringing on

Cody Simmons is leaving the beltway for bears. He’s living out a dream to hike the Pacific Coast Trail – an endeavor that will take six months and a really big backpack. Happy trails, Cody! Can’t wait to see your beard.

#GUESTEDITOR   Lachlan Markay White House Reporter for The Daily Beast Weather: If you’re reading this, you haven’t blown away…yet. Or you have, but you somehow managed to hold onto your phone for dear life which is pretty standard these days. It’s staying chilly today so make sure you hold onto

The Beer Institute is excited for #OpeningDay and they want you to be too. Learn about ways they are working in our communities so that we all can enjoy a cold beer without striking out.

When a snowstorm in the Northeast canceled the flights of two congressmen in Texas, they decided to set out on a 1,600-mile road trip back to DC.

#MANAGINGEDITOR   KATHRYN LYONS Managing Editor at FamousDC Weather: You’ve probably already gotten wet once today – and you’ll probably get wet again. The rain is sticking around for the better part of today into tomorrow. Highs are in the low 60s and lows are in the upper 40s which makes

#GUESTEDITOR   Elaina Plott Staff Writer for Washingtonian “I’m beaming about the fact that I don’t have to cover anything related to healthcare! Godspeed, Hill staffers and reporters. You deserve a stiff Manhattan.” Weather: Looks like this weekend will be grayer than that last patch of hair on your grandpa’s head. We top

#MANAGINGEDITOR   KATHRYN LYONS Managing Editor at FamousDC “Don’t kiss, touch, or be within a 10-mile radius of me, I’m Irish“ Weather: On a scale of 1 to “o-m-g amazing”, it’s a solid “alright, I guess”. The rest of your Friday will be chilly with a chance of rain later tonight (good

#GUESTEDITOR Andrew Rafferty Political Reporter at NBC News “Yesterday I turned 30. Today I am formally endorsing whatever healthcare bill covers Vitaminwater and everything bagels and won’t treat a hangover as a pre-existing condition.“ Weather: Welp, winter decided to show up just in time for the days that we like