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5/18 Friday Round Up: This Rain is A Royal Pain

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Photo: Jim Havard


Awesome events: If there’s any upside to all this rain, it’s that…well…ok, so no upside BUT if things do get worse, we have an ark. It kinda works like Uber, except you just retweet us if you want a ride; Speaking of rides! The annual DC Bike Ride 🚲 is tomorrow and yes weather conditions won’t be optimal but whatevs, just pretend it’s more of a duck tour; Jazz in the Garden is cancelled tonight because #weather; What won’t get cancelled? You guessed right – that little wedding across the pond a few people are talking about. We’d be royally remiss not to mention how you can get in on the action in DC: Queen Vic on H Street and Nellie’s Sports Bar open at 6 am because why the bollocks not?; The Mansion on O Street is basically a castle so they’re starting early with a scrummy breakfast and a broadcast of the nuptials; DC Fray is hosting a rooftop party at noon atop 880 P if waking up at a decent time is more your speed 🙋.


You’re reheating your cold pizza wrong; Wait – so can we bring a donkey into the Air and Space museum or not?; Now is your chance to leave DC for the whole summer; Humidity is here and so is this survival guide; A BBC reporter covering the Royal Wedding couldn’t care less about covering the Royal Wedding; Start training now! The Dash-For-Dash 5k is happening next month in support of safe housing mission and programs for survivors of domestic and sexual violence; Because there just aren’t enough of those things on the internet that tell us what we hear or don’t hear.


All this rain reminds us of that one time we did an interview in the rain with social media specialist Katy Ricalde who showed us the perfect selfie can be achieved rain or shine ☔️


Kate Bennett wears many hats (kind of like the ones Melania wears, which you only knew about because you heard it from Kate). When she isn’t chasing down Melania’s wardrobe and giving you the inside scoop on the East Wing, she’s cheering for her daughter on the soccer field, and for herself at Solidcore.

CNN Digital Expansion 2017 Kate Bennett


The Faith & Politics Institute in partnership with PBS, held a screening of The Chinese Exclusion Act with directors Ric Burns (brother of Ken) and Li-Shin Yu. The post screening discussion with the directors was moderated by Joie Chen and included special guest Congresswoman Judy Chu, the first Chinese American woman elected to the US Congress; Has Dianna Colsurdo been fully “Senatized” yet?; Give Kristina Baum a high-five for completing her Master’s degree; Lee Brenner will be reading FamousDC from London next week; Chris Frates and Josh Holmes should have their own TV political show; Ashton Hupman is now the President of the Holden A. Steinhauer, J.D. Fan Club; Will your “CAPS Super Fan Starter Kit” arrive in time for this season?; Ben Brophy has a gross new coffee mug that only Jack Smith would like; Twin brothers you didn’t see coming: Michael Avenatti & Patrick Ruffini; How are you doing Seamus Kraft?; Anybody working harder than Jeff Ostermayer right now?; Congrats to Rebecca Spicer on her big move to A4A!; Who has seen Mike Lurie recently?; We’re looking forward to cutting some onions with Sean Spicer; Salena Zito is having a big week; How many stray cats followed Cory Fritz home this week?; Diamond rings look good on Betsy Klein; Kelly Cohen is a champ for staying out past our bedtime; Chrys Kefalas is good at sharing (with the dog at least); Spotted not chewing gum: Troy Lyons; Don Ripper doesn’t need Tylenol when he has art; Huge conGRADulations to Macey Sevick – welcome back to having a life!; We are so looking forward to Meghan Burris and Mary Stewart Bell’s snaps this weekend; Stop what you’re doing: new Maggie Rose is out TODAY; Does Andrea Riccio have a frequent receiver card from Urban Stems yet?; Congratulations to Vaneese and Austin Walton on your big day!; Corey Glass is the best plant dad; Happy 1st Bday Evi Noyes; Chris Perkowski congrats on the new boo.

#MakingMoves by S-3 Public Affairs

A big congratulations to James Arkin who joins Politico to cover Senate Campaigns, when he asked for Rosslyn recommendations Byron Tau offered the fries and chicken tenders basket at happy hour at the Continental and of course never count out the nachosJennifer Loraine is now at House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s office as a policy adviser; Nick Bauer is moving up at the DNC after being promoted to be the Director of Research; Juul Labs has picked up Matt David to be their new chief communications officer based in the Bay Area; Bill McQuillen is making moves to be the new VP of communications at the American Hotel & Lodging Association; McCain campaign alum Christian Ferry has been tapped by Nils Ušakovs, the mayor of Riga, Latvia, to advise him on elections and politics; Lauren Dillon is leaving the DNC after four cycles to serve as the DSCC’s Independent Expenditure deputy director; Recode has a new executive editor and editor at large in Peter Kafka and Kara Swisher respectively; A shakeup at the New York Times sees Paul Fishleder a former editor take on the role of leading the political investigations unitNick Summers is also making moves to the New York Times as their new Sunday business editor; Sarah McConville has a new gig as the SVP of Harvard Business Review where outgoing SVP Josh Macht takes a new role as Chief Product and Innovation Officer at Harvard Business Publishing; A co-founder of the Washington Post, Osman Malik is the new creative director for video at the Post; Katie Drummond is moving to Medium as their deputy editor joining Sarah Begley who comes on as a senior editor; Alicia Chang, at AP, is moving up to deputy editor for storytelling on the health and science beat; Melanie Buck is moving from Jake Tapper’s State of the Union to Cuomo Prime Time as their new executive producer where Abigail Crutchfield is taking her place; And finally, shoutout to Nick Wingfield who joins The Information from the New York Times as their new senior editor; Big congratulations to Arielle Elliott who’s been promoted as the new president for Bloomberg Government. Prior, Arielle was the VP and General Manager; Amanda Eisenberg will cover health politics and policy at POLITICO beginning at the end of May. Amanda is departing Employee Benefit News.


Famous birthday wishes to Phillip Stutts, Martin McGuinness, Carrie Mussato, Rob Watson, Garrett Golding, Allie Bradenburger, Amy Lemley Bailey, Cassie Smedile, Brandon Pollak, Mandi Howard, Mike Viqueira, Brent DelMonte, Chris Jackson, Jon Ward, Kellie Donnelly, Chuck Clapton, Anne Brady Perron, Melanie Fonder Kaye, Derek Flowers,  Olivia Petersen, Jacob Ventura, Whitney Nichols Andersen, Erin Bergmeister, Krista Brunson and Dave O’Brien!