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Famous 5 – Fitness Coach Brandon Maupin

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Meet Brandon Maupin. He’s the head coach at Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) in Old Town Alexandria and prior, he coached at CrossFit. Being a fitness trainer isn’t just a job for Brandon, it’s a way for him to motivate others just as he had to do for himself. He is as passionate about fitness as he is about The Dirty Bulk at Five Guys and while finding the best fit for you is part of his commitment, he asks one commitment of you: be willing to go out of your comfort zone.


How did your interest in exercise start? How’d you get started in CrossFit and Orange Theory?

I saw CrossFit on TV back in 2010 and noticed both males and females doing some crazy athletic stuff – handstand walk, swimming, ring muscle ups, handstand push ups, etc – and their physiques looked insane. So I tweaked my training regimen from the routine of traditional bodybuilding, to Crossfit & High Intensity Interval Iraining (HIIT), and fell in love with fitness all over again. I found OrangeTheory Fitness (OTF) while being a Crossfit coach and I love it. If you could blend both CrossFit and OTF, the results would be CRAZY!

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What have you found motivates others to get healthy – whether it be diet and/or exercise?

I honestly believe that group fitness, whether that be OTF or CrossFit, is probably the most motivating – not because I coach it, but because the people that show up typically share some type of common goal. When you’re working out next to others, whether they are running or walking faster, or lifting more than you, you’re still feeding off one another. If someone is working hard next to you, you will want to as well. We all hold one another accountable at OrangeTheory.

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What’s your pump up song?

False Alarm – Hook n Sling Remix or Falcon Original Mix by Michael Calfan 🏋 🎧


What’s the best piece of advice you give your clients?

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. If you’re not finding some sort of discomfort – while using a safe and proper technique – during your workout, then you’re pretty much wasting your time and money. Results happen out of the comfort zone, in fitness, and everyday life.

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Any upcoming events DC should know about?

OTF Old Town and Potomac Yard will be hosting their own 5k challenge this summer along the Mt. Vernon trail – be on the look out for sometime Late June.