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5/4 Round Up: Spring has zero chill

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Photo: Erik Cox


Awesome events: Here comes the bride…and groom! DC is celebrating Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by doing what we do best – opening another pop-up bar; WIT’s Interplay continues as the worlds of improv, comedy, music, art, dance and puppetry collide!; Experience the food, art and culture of different countries – all while getting your steps in – at the Around the World Embassy Tour; When Cinco De Mayo and the Kentucky Derby fall on the same day, we get “Cinco De Derby” at Jack Rose; Saturday is your chance to see a bunch of chihuahuas race for a grand prize which we assume will be tacos; If this weather isn’t good for your hair, at least it’s good for sundresses at the Wonderland Ballroom.




Yard House on 7th Street NW hosted its grand opening celebration last night – the restaurant made a $10,000 donation to the Capital Area Food Bank and collected donations; 8 things from WHCD weekend people need to pay more attention to; We’ll take one queen bee and nucleus hive please; Behold the most expensive patch of grass in the District; Vanna White and Pat Sajak were spotted at DAR Hall; DC has a favorite 80s flick; Welcome home, little baby bald eagle!; You might wanna change your Twitter password; Here’s why you keep seeing a lot about Initiative 77.


Flashback Friday: Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that is to be taken as seriously as the type of tequila you put into your frozen margarita and any Mexpert knows that no margarita is the same – just ask Don Julio.


You’ve seen the magazine covers graced by DC power players and the popular issues featuring U.S. Diplomats and Washingtonian socialites – you might not, however, know who’s behind the scenes making sure it happens. Meet the Executive Editor of Washington Life, Virginia Coyne.


You should totally Tweet out that “May the 4th be with you” tweet; Is Tucker McGee the cutest Nats fan in the history of Nats fans?; What will Mick Kaplan say this week?; There was a Ben Jones spotting in DC this week; Does Don Seymour miss floor charts?; Did you get Amy Smith’s Derby picks?; Hello Evan Kozlow; Danielle and Barton James saw Hamilton; Spotted at Publix: Robert Jameson; Nick DeSarno is doing his best to incorporate DJ Khaled’s business tips – “secure the bag” – here in the beltway; Congratulations Whitney and Dave Maggio!; Did Allie Freeman Yielding like the big phig newton?; Congrats to Eileen Quinn, Monica Graham, Hope Randall, and Laura Edison Kallen for breaking the poo taboo!; Andy Moskowitz is crushing Disney’s Magic Kingdom; James Hendry took the plunge – and great photos – at the DefeatDD event; We’re ready for Ashlee Strong’s bangs to make a comeback; Doug Heye is rockin some new headshots; Kurt Bardella  and Keith Urban are one dynamic duo; CJ Steadman is basically a firefighter; Congratulations Kacey and Andrew Grebe and number 2!; It’s crunch time Christa D’Amico; Jim McGreevy made a Bloomberg appearance this week; Lauren Hagen stayed out late on a school night; Anna Palmer is hosting a party and there’s corn involved; We wish you could play golf too, Bob Costa; Forward this email to a friend if you’re reading it by the pool in Sea IslandPREPARE YOURSELVES: Taz Jones is heading back to DC for the summer.

#MakingMoves by S-3 Public Affairs

A big congratulations to Deirdre Walsh who is joining NPR’s Washington Desk as their new Congressional Editor; Lauren Williams is heading to the Atlantic’s Culture desk as a senior editor after finishing up a Nieman Fellowship; Taylor Lorenz is also heading to the Atlantic’s New York technology and culture bureaus as a staff writer; Jason Rezaian is making moves to CNN as a Global Affairs Analyst where he will weigh in on issues for both The Washington Post and CNN; Former New York Governor George Pataki has registered to lobby President Trump on aluminum and steel tariffs for Borusan Mannesmann, a Turkish steel pipe manufacturer; Mike Sommers, former Speaker Boehner’s Chief of Staff is set to lead the American Petroleum Institute; The Investment Company Institute is adding Cynthia Pullom to its ranks as their director of financial services policy, she was most recently the chief policy counsel for Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT); Kraig Naasz is stepping down as president and chief executive of the Distilled Spirits Council but will continue his work at Washington 2 Advocates as a partner; PEN America will have Thomas Melia run its Washington office who joins from Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs; The Public Leadership Education Network adds two new board members in Erica Dahl of Vivint Solar and Anna Mahoney from Tulane University; Rebecca Glover will be the new director of public affairs at the Department of Commerce; Saba Hamedy is celebrating one year at CNN covering breaking news and co-writing The Point with Chris Cillizza; Hat tip to Politico Playbook for the following, Felicia Shwartz is the new WSJ Israel and Palestinian correspondent and Henry “C.J.” Jackson, former editor of Politico, will be in California as Nant’s new press secretary; Shibani Mahtani is on her way around the world to Hong Kong as the Washington Post’s new Southeast Asia correspondent; Jay Cost will be the American Enterprise Institute’s newest visiting scholar where he’ll be looking at James Madison and civic republicanism; And finally, T-Mobile’s new director of public relations is Richard Taylor, who will be based in D.C.; Ellen Cushing moves to The Atlantic as Senior Editor and start up the San Francisco Bureau. Ellen is leaving BuzzFeed after 3 years.


Famous birthday wishes to Lisa Kramer, Hollis Bradley Pica, Ben Droz, Marisol Garibay, Brad Peck, Stacy Hadeka, Stephen Schatz, Julianna Gottlieb, Amy Deputy, Jay Timmons, Julie Elkins, Dan Everett, Shira Toeplitz Center, Jesse Thomas, Caroline Dutton, Greg Louer, Spencer Pederson, Jackie LaBine, Katie McMinn Campbell, Amy Hindman, John Scofield, Caitlin Carroll, Lindsay Austin, Rob Saliterman, Rebecca Weiss, Nic Lott, Kara Duffy and Chana Morrow!


We out like winter ⛄️