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5/11 Round Up: Looks like things aren’t cohen as planned

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Photo: Jim Havard


Awesome events: Um, hello Eastern Conference Finals – it’s so nice to see you after TWENTY YEARS. The Caps take on the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight at 8p and things are going to get awkward real fast because our own Kathryn is from Tampa (she never fails to be difficult). EaterDC has a list of places to watch the big games in DC; We’ve got the funk – do you have it? The 5th annual Funk Parade on U Street will be the place to find out; But first, kick things off tonight at the Funk Parade Launch Party at U Street Music Hall; Don’t just wake up and smell the roses – wake up and smell the whole garden (and take a tour in Georgetown while you’re at it); Give your dog the yoga session it deserves at Day of the Dog at the historic Congressional Cemetery; A pizza party where phones aren’t allowed? Join the Put Down the Phone Club; Call your mom – but first, give her the gift that keeps on giving. Looking ahead: If you love barbecue and the Bullpen, look no further than the DC BBQ Bash like a VIP


If there was ever a reminder to keep going in life no matter how many times you get knocked down, this video of Bei Bei giving zero Fs about falling out of a tree is it; That’s Senator Jose Andres to you; Don’t spend more than 30 minutes a day on your dating app or you’ll end up alone forever; Speaking of love, Rob Lowe and his wife are marriage goals; If you’re in the market for a car, here’s what all the millennials are buying.


In addition to the daily “thank you” we should be giving our moms, we should especially thank them on their only day off in the year: Mother’s Day – and you know very well she’s still going to make dinner and clean up after you then too.


Speaking of saying thank you, you can thank us for this printable Mother’s Day card that doesn’t say you forgot it was Mother’s Day weekend, but says “you did a grape job raisin me.”


Thank you to all the fabulous teachers out there. Nobody could possibly be where they are without you all; We don’t care if you’re a hockey fan or not, this should be on the radar of every DC sports fan. Let’s go CAPS!; How long until Nika Nour and Andrew Bowins are too cool for us? Congrats guys! Well deserved; Ask Salim Alameddin and Brookley Valencia if they’ve named their upcoming happy hour series; 7 years looks good on Michael Clements and Anchyi Wei; Alyson Chwatek had a star-studded office visit; Many congratulations to NJI’s Victoria Langton and Paul Pauliga on their engagement in Italy!; Clyde McGrady prefers his Drake with a side of trombone; Um, have you seen District Doughnuts new flavors?; Erica Donovan killed the tech policy game this week (h/t Philip Minardi); Macey Sevcik excels at red light stalking; Josh Snead is giving the UCF trophy the recognition it deserves; Kristen Soltis Anderson and Ben Shapiro hang out on the cover of The Weekly Standard; Paul Kane moved away from Capitol Hill…one entire mile; How much tuna are we talking, Jeremy Kirkpatrick?; Look at Coach Kevin Warne and the Georgetown Men’s Lacrosse team #DoingBigThings; The E&C Comms team crushed it this week with TWO amazing video releases: one features an office dog, Ted that explains health policy; the other you can hear directly from folks impacted by the opioid crisis and is definitely worth your 2 minutes; Happy Birthday to (Adam) Fromm, E&C’s Director of Coalitions & Outreach!; BEST WISHES to Blair Ellis who met her now fiancé, Chad Rhoades working back in the NC state capital, both NC natives, now living and loving in DC; Katie Koziara’s deck days are over; Hannah Mooney set Urban Stems records on Thursday – happy birthday weekend!; Lisa Marie Boothe spent the day with Cathy McMorris Rogers and her family; Ask Robert Cresanti who he had lunch with at the White House; Liz Bogie is living her best life at in ALL CAPS at The Bullpen tonight; Happy Anniversary to Capitol Hill’s favorite couple: Sarah and Cory Fritz; Dan Shultz will always be the man; Good luck to Old Man Fimka this weekend as he travels North to relive his youth; We miss Sean Murphy; Casey Coffin would like the Red Sox to deal Joe Kelly; Dear Alexa, listen to all of our conversations; Big things happening for Todd Carney; We’re jealous of Kristin Heather’s travel schedule; Tommy McFly found himself a rainbow last night; Ian Martorana’s food game makes us want to invite ourselves over for dinner. 

#MakingMoves by S-3 Public Affairs

Cliff Sims moves to the State Department to serve as a senior advisor to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; Aside from Chris Vieson’s promotion to Staff Director for the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, the bigger news is he beat Matt Bravo in golf once (Bravo denies this ever happened and made sure to point out Chris’ “love for dismal Detroit sports”, shots have been fired; A big congratulations to Amy Walter, who is the new Friday host for WNYC and PRI’s The Takeaway, she will be based in Washington D.C.; CNN has a new PM breaking news editor in Kyle Feldscher who joins after serving in a similar role at the Washington Examiner; Christiane Amanpour will be Charlie Rose’s official replacement at PBS; Jonathan Becker former chief of Sen. Amy Klobuchar joins the team at Greenberg Traurig; Katie Heanery is making moves to The Cut as a senior health writer; Bridget Mulcahy will be a booking producer for Hardball at MSNBC, she was formerly a senior producer at Politico; Samantha Sabin heads to Morning Consult as a brands reporter while Jon Reid is leaving his gig at Morning Consult to move to Bloomberg Law; Matt Turner is the new executive editor of Business Insider in a big move replacing Mohammed Hadi who is heading to the New York Times as their news director for Business Day; Lauren Dolgen, a longtime creative executive at MTV and Vice is the new head of BuzzFeed Studios; Elias Lopez is now at The Washington Post as the senior editor for international opinions; Daniel D’Addario is moving to Variety as their chief TV critic; And finally, Patch has new chief content officer in Coates Bateman; Dustin Volz moves onto the Wall Street Journal where he’ll cover cyber security and intelligence. Dustin is leaving Reuters after two and a half years; Congratulations to Li Zhou who is heading to Vox News from Politico where she’ll be covering Congress and the midterms; Congrats DC! #DoBigThings


Famous birthday wishes to Brian J. Walsh, Steven More, Jennifer Agiesta, Kate Callahan, Kaleb Froehlich, Hannah Beth Mooney, Bryant Avondoglio, Tricia Paoletta, Victoria Lion Monroe, Jennifer Douris O’Bryan, Erica Farage, Phil Musser, Laura Cox Kaplan, Jennifer O’Shea, Audrey Henson, Lenwood Brooks, Rico Castro, Ashleigh Grant, Louisa Imperiale, Marina Stonewall, Alana Wilson, Christine Delargy, Amy O’Connor, Kendall Anderson, Foster Curry, Sarah Gunion, Sam Dina, Erin Bergmeister, Chris Warren, Andrew Woods, Cory Anderson and John Martin!


Hi, mom.