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4/27 Round Up: The weekend starts now

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Photo: Erik Cox


Awesome events: The White House Correspondents’ Dinner isn’t the only thing that’s buzzing this weekend — Check out Party For A Purpose’s Cheers For Charity tomorrow night (benefitting SOUL). Get your tickets and learn more here!; Best Buddies Prom is one of our favorite events of the the year because it features a few of our favorite things: food, fashion and most of all, friendship; National Harbor is hosting its annual Wine and Food Festival and it’s going to be wine-derful; There’s been a lot of talk about the French this week and there will be more this weekend – at Georgetown’s own French Market; But wait, there’s more! Eastern Market hosts its own market event – Night at the Market – celebrating the businesses and communities on Capitol Hill; Grassroots Comedy DC is kicking off their Kramerbooks debut at the Super Spectacular Comedy Show for Inclusive Energy!; Run with the Redskins this weekend during their Draft Day Bash 5k; It’s about time chocolate gets its own festival;


Come for the cocktails, and stay for the inspiring experience: Join FamousDC on Wednesday, May 2 for exclusive access into PATH’s Defeat Diarrheal Disease Initiative. This interactive experience will take you behind the veil of efforts to defeat diarrheal disease and give children a healthy start.




Re-acclimating to civilian life poses unique financial challenges for veterans and can make homeownership seem out of reach. With more than $100 million donated to military community initiatives since 2012, Wells Fargo is proud to support Military Warriors Support Foundation’s Homes4WoundedHeroes program, awarding combat-wounded veterans with mortgage-free homes and three years of family and financial mentoring.

Learn more here.


The $4 Wicked Good Deal at Popeye’s is apparently not a wicked good deal; The comedian entertaining the White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend never planned for a career in comedy; The evolution of eyebrows as told by science; Americans are being urged to turn in their unwanted, unused or expired prescription drugs on Saturday as part of efforts by the DEA; Think rent in DC is high? Amazon’s next HQ might challenge that; Here’s what the French think of Le Bromance between Trump and Macron.

#TheGist By NJI Media

Go bottomless with us – Learn why some restaurants feature bottomless brunch while others don’t. Here’s #TheGist!


Congratulations to S-3 Public Affairs on their anniversary; Troy Lyons is making gum great again; Someone tell Goody that he should “wear the 90s” more often; We miss the Shutley family in DC; Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Virginia and Danny Lyon; We’re not jealous of Katie Harbath right now – nope – not at all; Congrats to Steven and Katherine Moore on their marriage; We give it 2 years until Kevin Madden’s oldest is beating him at golf; The Kayne and Trump love affair is very normal; Hello Michael Turk!; Evan Karlik had a great week; Congratulations to Gary Andres just can’t quit Congress; Jacob Wood is the man; Caleb Smith went black and white this week; Nikki Schwab asked Anthony Scaramucci about Kanye West; Alright WHCD warriors, this is your Super Bowl. Let’s do this!; Hi Elizabeth Vincent; Olivia Rogine is the best!; Geoff Embler loves Boylan Soda and Chris Taylor loves that he loves it; Thank you to our favorite MC’r Joanna Piacenza; Thanks to Union Pub for teaching us what flossing is; Joy Lee looks good in red, white and blue; Happy birthday Estabun Williams!; Props to Megan Whittemore’s husband on the tulip selection; Come back already, Mari Brady; When can we expect Chef Charlie to open her first restaurant, Kate Brower?; Michael LaRosa crushed Des Moines; Audrey Henson has a new appreciation for Stanton and Green; Hello Sarah Hudson!

#MakingMoves by S-3 Public Affairs

A big congratulations to The Daily Mail’s Nikki Schwab on her new role as a political reporter for the New York Post; Former Wall Street Journal reporter Sanette Tanaka Sloan has a new job at Google; Mashable’s Andrew Freedman is making moves to Axios as science editor; Alexander Nazaryan is leaving Newsweek to join Yahoo News as a national correspondent; The Intercept adds Briahna Joy Gray, most recently a contributing editor for Current Affairs, as a senior politics editor; Daniel Harder, current legislative director for Rep. Mike Bishop (R-MI), is making moves to Allergan as director of federal government affairs; From Teva Pharmaceuticals, Kaelan Hollon has joined the Motion Picture Association of America as vice president for communications; Obama alum Randy DeValk is joining Glover Park Group as a managing director; Rational 360 adds Christine Koronides, former National Economic Council chief of staff during the Obama administration, as a vice president; Also an Obama alum, former NSC spokesperson Caitlin Hayden, who most recently was executive vice president and group director at Edelman, has a new role as vice president of communications for the Aerospace Industries Association; Former director of external relations for former First Lady Michelle Obama Kristen Jarvis West has joined Airbnb as head of executive operations; Firehouse Strategies adds 3: Matt Manda, Alex Kuehler and Sarah Williams; At the Credit Union National Association, Jessica Hrubes has been promoted to vice president of strategic credit union relations; Also being promoted at NBCUniversal is Phil Tahtakran and Margaret Tobey. Tahtakran is now head of federal government affairs and Tobey is senior vice president of regulatory affairs; And finally, a big congrats to Sarah Hudson, who after nearly 4 years is leaving Viacom to start a new position with the FedEx Government Relations team.


Famous birthday wishes to Ashlee Strong, Lee Brenner, Kaitlin Torke, Connor Walsh, Downey Magallanes, Austin Gaddis, Charlie Keller, Ivy Sellers Larsen, Melania Trump, Anna Koch Harris, Shana Teehan, Carrie Giddins Pergram, Gentry Collins, Anne Pizzato Brachman, Kristen Parker, DeJake Braunsdorf, Domenico Montanero and Cody Parrish!