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#NATIONAL Did someone just call double-stuffed Oreos gauche?; Amazon will offer you a dollar to take their slower delivery service; surely we don’t need reading glasses yet, but when we do…; Goin’ to Mars again y’all; who watched Sharknado 2?; Named Skywalker? No passport for you; dollar dollar bill; pay someone else’s water bill; Okay, North Korea, calm down and have a Choco Pie; Reebok’s next ultimate product: bacon sneakers; Facebook was down for 2.5 hours and people called 911; Whiskey drinkers, be ready to get riled up;

#DISTRICT This week, though, amirite?; Recess lol; “The Silver Line is open but I’m still single, WTF“; #CrapChimichanga h/t Morgan Gress; Congrats again to all the 30 under 30 winners; “some folks”; “Streetcars are evil” may be an exaggeration; RIP Freefest; Nicolas Cage was here; Sharknado at Nats Stadium is too good for words; the caliber of this reporter on the White House lawn; harsh bro; never swim in the Potomac, just never do it; Suns out, guns out; Being a campaign staffer is suddenly looking pretty cool; PETA loves Ben’s Chili Bowl;

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to @StoryPartners: @hgurdon will hang up his hat as Editor-in-Chief @thehill to become Editorial Director for the @dcexaminer. CNN’s @FareedZakaria, will be adding “Contributing Editor” to his resume this September when he joins @TheAtlantic and @qz. The Hill’s long-time Managing Editor, @BobCusack, has been promoted to Editor-in-Chief. Cusack will be replaced by the current News Editor, @iswanTheHill, who will be succeeded by Business and Lobbying Editor Dustin Weaver. POLITICO’s @scottwongDC will join The Hill as Senior Staff Writer. POLITICO’s Managing Editor, @RachelSmolkin, is taking her talents to @CNN to be Executive Editor of CNN Politics Digital in mid-August. @POLITICOMag will welcome new Senior Editor, @eva_post in mid-August when she will leave @washingtonpost. Current Washington Deputy Bureau Chief at ABC News and Senior Washington Producer for @GMA, @sarajust, will replace @NewsHourWinslow as @NewsHour’s Executive Producer and SVP of NewsHour Productions LLC.

#BYE You’ll probably find us watching Guardians of the Galaxy, Wish I Was Here or Snowpiercer.