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By popular demand, we partnered up with our friends over at Photox again for a little fun with some of our favorite politicos.

POTUS & Speaker John Boehner

Let’s bring these two closer
 together – for America.

 Services Used:
Object removal

We gave the empty chair to Clint Eastwood, obvi.

Vladimir Putin

It’s hard to wrestle bears with a gut.

Services Used:
Six-pack abs

Sarah Palin wishes she could see this from her house.

Paul Ryan

This guy needs even more tickets to the Gun Show.

Services Used:
Bulk up Arms

Nancy Pelosi

…with arms like Michele Obama’s.

Services Used:
Bulk-Up Arms

Remove Wrinkles

Mitch McConnell

#turkeyneck #gobblegobble #wemaygetfiredforthis

Services Used:
Remove Double Chin

The Commander in Chief

This never happened. You’re welcome.

Services Used:
Object removal

The Gipper

Never doctor a photo as amazing as this, especially when it involves #PresidentialSweatpants (this is trending; we’re certain).

Services Used:

Have a politician you’d like to see Photox’d or a political image you’d like rewritten for the history books? Tweet #PoliticalPhotox to @GetPhotox and @FamousDC and they’ll give your boss the Photox treatment.