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5 Funny DC Reporters on Twitter

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The news is serious business. All day, influencers, lawmakers and everyday citizens follow DC reporters on Twitter to get the latest on what’s happening not only in DC but nationally. We have to be honest – sometimes we follow them for the jokes.

Matt Fuller, Huffington Post

Of CQ-Roll Call fame, Matt Fuller keeps the beltway in stitches from his perch at Huffington Post. His live-Tweeting of late-night Congressional sessions are must-RT fodder.


Elahe Izadi, Washington Post

In her spare time – she’s a comedian. Seriously. Follow her for daily political hilarity.


Dave Weigel, Washington Post

Former Bloomberg Politics reporter, Dave is The Godfather of the funny political Tweet. He mixes timely political news with humor – and never misses a chance to RT GOLD.

Dave Weigel

Eliot Nelson, HuffPostHill

A veritable king of dry humor, Eliot Nelson’s non sequiturs are a hilarious break in the serious tone of the day’s news cycle. We’re also very much looking forward to Beltway Bible due to launch fall of 2016.


Evan McMorris-Santoro, BuzzFeed

A sense of humor is surely required for working at Buzzfeed, but this White House reporter takes it to another level, and is a must-follow.

Evan McMorris-Santoro

More to Follow:

Betsy Woodruff, The Daily Beast

Andrew Rafferty, NBC News

Paul Kane, Washington Post

Tommy McFly, 94.7 Fresh FM

Elise Foley, HuffPostHill

Joe Perticone, IJ Review

Sean Hackbarth, U.S. Chamber

Alexandra Petri, Washington Post

Ross Douthat, NY Times

Igor Bobic, Huffington Post

Chris Cillizza, Washington Post

Benny Johnson, IJ Review

Ben Jacobs, The Guardian

John Stanton, BuzzFeed

Who did we miss? Shout out your favorite funny reporters to us at [email protected]