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Friday Round Up

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Weather:  It’s about to be so hot that D.C. has become home to the Scorch Trials. High of 99, an index of 110 and sun all weekend with a slight chance of rain on Sunday. Thanks a lot global warming.

Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Love being outside, live music AND yoga? East Side Yoga has all the above this Saturday night on its amazing rooftop studio. Sign up and see more details here; It’s Star Wars Day at the ballpark this Saturday so grab your lightsabers and tickets for an awesome day; Get a group of friends together on Saturday and hit the lanes for National Bowling Day; There is a 14th Street Burger Battle happening that you won’t want to miss; Grab a delicious Filet Mignon sandwich for only $1 today; The movie, Sausage Party, that threw us all for a loop premiers tonight; Check out the CNN Politics exhibit at the Newseum. We did


We would’ve gone to Rio to compete, but who would we be to outshine team USA? That’d be rude. We did, however, treat ourselves as Olympians do with a little treatment known as cupping.


Mississippi finally came around; We’ve been way ahead of the curve on this; Do we really believe this? Come on, it’s Michael Phelps; From Potus’ iPod to your ears; Simone Manuel made groundbreaking history in the pool last night; The aliens are on their way!; Was that a threat?; Women are dominating the technology world; The 2016 Olympics are going green. 


Pro-tip to Pepco, NEVER let the power go out at Sweetgreen on the Hill at lunch on Wednesday in recess. Thanks; Holy guacamole! Washington D.C. has been named restaurant city of the yearSnoop Dogg and Martha Stuart is set to be the ultimate smokeshow; Like we needed another reason to love footballSpotted on the shelves of a Whole Foods near you: Pumpkin. Beer; Can someone turn the air down in here? It’s 98 degreesThey’ve got spirit, yes they do; Bring on that heat index of 109; We’d definitely like to see s’more of this


The DC Olympics

DC’s Very Own: Katie Ledecky

The Olympics for Millennials

Delta Down

Michael Phelps Responds to #DCProblems

Who is Evan?

DC History: Welcome Back, Sir Paul

Confessions of a Capitol Hill Staffer: Adult Recess vs. Middle School Recess


Forgive us, Washington, D.C. and fellow politicos, as we take a break from politics for at least the next few weeks and focus on something much more inspiring: the Olympics.



Famous birthday wishes to Rachel Robinson, Karin Tanabe, Robert Traynham, Robbe Bendick, Lisa Primiani, Vaneese Cope, Tim Cote, Catharine Cypher, Taz Jones, Karin Tanabe, Cliff Riccio, Jennifer Mundy Flitton, Ken Vogel, Bill Burton, David Sours, Megan Morrison, Nathan Fry, Pamela Lynne Sorensen, Brandi Travis, Mollymae Metheny, Whitney Drew, Justin B. Smith, Nora McAlvanah, Eric Wohlschlegel, Darren Goode, Jesse Barba, Kate Becker, Jared Lauer, Devin O’Malley, Allison Ghegan, Katherine Jones, Tess Helliwell, Emily Glick, Cait Monan, Ingrid Lund, Donte Taylor, Robert Cogan, Michelle Poulin and Lucia Martino.  


“When a colleague doesn’t remember something you have discussed 3 times. #PhelpsFace

Vicki Melnick


Sean Hayes likes the Snapchat dog filter so much he is getting a real dog; Brook Hougesen won daughter of the year this week; Brittany Havens is a great SOUL partner in crime; Surprise Grafton Pritchartt run-ins are the best; Sending Will Allison all of the high fives; Chris Santini has great taste in lunch spots; We are so proud of you, Alexandra TennantMark Stephenson, your one-year-old is adorable; Zac Moffatt is somewhere beautiful with his family; Archibald Smart, where are you?; Huge congratulations to Ben and Amy Howard on their newest addition to the family; Do not give Carla Weiss a diet Pepsi; Our thoughts are with you, Erin Veltman; Is Josh Shultz running for office in Oklahoma?; Kathryn Hazeem Lehman, we love jalapenos!; Jordan Holz, we weren’t looking for you, but are now glad we found you; Cameron Lewis is a happy guy; We need your octopus recipe, Greg Crist; Cheers to you, Cherukuri!; Ali A. Akbar is a genius; Ask Shane Greer if Cory Brown broke a suite at Nationals Park; Tatiana M Posada, stick with us and you can meet Michael Jordan; Cara Becker and Ashley Leising are sooooo close!; RIP Lauren Hagen’s tonsils; Thanks to Troy Lyons, apt 506 will be stocked with ice cream for the foreseeable future; Ask Mike Dunkle about that salmon white bean soup; Time to play connect the dots on Taz Jones’ back; Ask Tracy Dietz which steak house she’ll visit next week; Give Sam Nathews a high-five for new gig with National Association of Manufacturers; Do you follow Michael Phelps sister, Hilary Eldrige on Twitter?; SEC football season is right around the corner, so … give a big, supportive hug to Brendan Buck, Alex Finland, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Freddy Barnes, Whitaker Askew, Josh Holly, Lenwood Brooks, Lauren Culbertson, Surya Gunasekara, Mandy McGrevey Gunasekara, Stoney Burke, Collier Craft, and Doug AndresBen Howard, Gindy and Jonathan Nabavi, don’t worry. You’re still on the rebuilding track and could qualify for FamousDC in a year or two; Diana Manos gave big ups to Josh Harbursky and the Grassroots Professional Network for growing like “wildfire”; If a foul ball pops into their row, who catches it? a) Jonathan Grella b) Elliot Berke c) Ed Mullen d) none of the above; Good luck to everyone heading back to school this fall … and also those getting their first college loan bills arriving; Does Ryan Grim still read this far down or does he just rely on Matt Fuller’s Twitter feed for the latest DC news?; Speaking of Matt Fuller, ask him about his upcoming one-on-one basketball game; Bennett Richardson: Make Town Hall Great Again; Did David Burch get a new Nationals cap?; Clinton Yates loves the “LE CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR” Twitter jokes; Kate Nocera almost took an entire year off of Twitter; Sterling Nesblit’s Ray-Ban party is going to be so shady; Robert Jameson, slow down, you’re making us all look bad; When is Kevin Gannon getting back to the district?; Sarah Gunion is still a rockstar; Tucker Bounds continues to crush it; We’ve been living vicariously through Brandon English’s Twitter feed; Rob Raffety’s burpee challenge is amazing to watch; Danny Lyon is sad to see Overwood closing; We miss Tina Stow; Betsy Andres & David Stewart enjoyed their final sunset in Croatia; Welcome to the world, Tiberius Roosevelt Ricci!; Nitika Dumera crushes it daily; Party hard today Nick Mead

Do something spectacular today for someone else. Seriously, do it right now. It will take 30 seconds. Life is a blessing. Let’s all enjoy it together. And we are certain you can make someone smile.


Congratulations to Tammy Thueringer on her new role as producer at C-SPAN’s Washington Journal. Thueringer was previously a weekend White House reporter at Bloomberg; Jason Santa Maria, previously the executive design director at Vox, joins Slate as its new design director; Just announced this week, Kevin Turpin will replace Poppy MacDonald as President of National Journal. MacDonald will join Politico in September as president of Politico U.S.; Hilary Moffett is the new director of federal relations at the American Petroleum Institute. Moffett previously served as counsel for the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works; The Washington bureau for the New York Times welcomes Adam Goldman. He joins from the Washington Post where he covered all things national security; Kevin Jones joins the McKeon Group as senior vice president. Before this, Jones served as professional staff on the Appropriations Committee for 14 years; Andrew Nelson will join National Geographic Travel as its new editorial projects director; A big congrats to Jim Cicconi on his retirement after 18 years as AT&T’s senior executive vice president of external and legislative affairs. Cicconi also served in the Reagan administration as a special assistant to the President, and deputy to the chief of staff for President George H.W. Bush; Ron Fournier, a political journalist, is saying goodbye to D.C. and heading back to his roots in Detroit; And finally, best of luck to Arianna Huffington, as she leaves the Huffington Post after 11 years to focus on health-and-wellness startup, Thrive Global.


Winning gold. BRB.