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As if the 2016 Presidential election wasn’t interesting enough, Evan McMullin recently announced that he too will be throwing his hat into the race. The third party contender announced his candidacy on Monday morning saying, “It’s never too late to do the right thing. And if we work together, there’s nothing we can’t achieve.”

McMullin was recruited by Conservative Republicans who saw him as a fitting alternative to both Trump and Clinton. Only problem for Evan and his supporters- the White House seems like a longshot at best. Due to his late entry, McMullin has already missed the ballot-access deadlines for more than 24 states.

Critics of McMullin are concerned that the Brigham Young University grad may even swing his home state of Utah right into Clinton’s hands, seeing as he will likely split the Republican vote between himself and Trump.

Even after that crash course are you still confused about who Evan McMullin is? Yeah so are we. So what’s the first thing you do when you meet someone new? Facebook stalk them of course! 

Here’s all the dirt we could dig up on your potential next president…

 He Thinks Smiling is Overrated.

He’s Already Killing It With the Popular Vote Likes.

He Wants People to #StandupWithEvan but the only picture he’s posted is him sitting down.

Now it’s up to you to figure out all you can on Evan McMullin. Just make sure you’re not confusing his name for McLovin in the search box. We’ve done that once or twice…