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We would’ve gone to Rio to compete, but who would we be to outshine team USA? That’d be rude. We did, however, treat ourselves as Olympians do with a little treatment known as cupping. We know what you’re thinking, “Old news. That’s been around for-literally-ever”, “Nice try, but you’re late to the game”…and for those of you coming back from vacationing on a remote island with no TV or internet, “What the F is cupping?”

Cupping, a form of ancient medicine, has been known to relieve the body of tension and stress, which is why Olympians like Michael Phelps are all over it. After all, he has won himself a few gold medals in Rio alone so who are we to claim otherwise?

But what about cupping for non-Olympic athletes? What about your (totally above) average young professional in his late twenties whose preferred form of therapy is simply a six pack of Bell’s Oberon? What if we took this young professional, picked him up for a morning meeting only to blindfold him and tell him that the morning meeting will be a little different than he was expecting?

Well, we wanted to know how such a scenario would play out so we decided to find out for ourselves.