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Before today, it seemed impossible for Obama to get any cooler. Today, we learned that on POTUS’ cool-chart, the limit does not exist.


He released not one but TWO new playlists on the White House’s Spotify account, one for “day” and one for “night.” He clearly understands the importance of matching the music to the mood.

While some of our parents’ faves are on the list like The Beach Boys, Nina Simon, and Aretha Franklin, Obama certainly is hip with the kids on the most recent music trends.

He’s a big fan of rappers like Nas and Common, but the playlist also includes newer stuff from artists like Courtney Barnett, Wale, and Jidenna.

Solid taste, Obama. You know who else has solid taste? FamousDC. Not to brag, but our Spotify playlists are top of the line. Check them out here.