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Do you have any idea what today is? That’s right! Today marks the 75th anniversary of when Bernie Sanders was bern, um excuse us, born. It might be Bernie’s birthday, but we’re giving you the present. So in honor of his special day, we thought we’d share with you some …

From his first-ever standup appearance, Geoff Embler says growing a beard is the closest thing a man experiences to being pregnant. Geoff followed his dreams and braved the main stage at Standup Studios Showcase, The Electric Maid, Washington, DC on Jan. 30, 2016. When he’s not performing live, Geoff is …

Do these sound like you, complaining about your upstairs neighbors? “It sounds like a baby the size of a giant is learning how to walk. “It sounds like bowling balls – it can’t be bowling balls!” This video will give you a little more insight into your situation.

The news is serious business. All day, influencers, lawmakers and everyday citizens follow DC reporters on Twitter to get the latest on what’s happening not only in DC but nationally. We have to be honest – sometimes we just follow them for the jokes.

Rick Perry’s not afraid to admit he’s a Christian but what he believes is insignificant to the power of the force. h/t the Factor

Detroit Free Press accidentally prints an amazing headline. [nice work] h/t R. Howell

By now it’s clear how much we love Rep. Weiner.  Seen here, here and here. But now there’s even more reason to heart Weiner.   Buzzfeed recently featured the 15 Best Hashtags Used By Anthony Weiner. Our favorite is still #1. h/t the Hill via L. Imperiale

Truth. h/t Eric Wilson via SarahBarfield

An email containing new TSA bumper stickers is making its way around Capitol Hill. h/t SV Follow FamousDC on Facebook &  Twitter

Worth the watch. The local FOX station in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas recorded a segment satirizing social media called “The Fox 4 DFW Roast of Social Media” and it’s pretty funny. Facebook, Foursquare, Skype and Twitter are all spoofed, and we have the YouTube video here. h/t Almacy

If you’re like us and only read one-third of the post, it’s true – Jim Newell is leaving Wonkette for RedState. If you read the whole post… oh hell, who has time for that? AHEM. [Turning third-person voice off for first time ever.] I come with a “Tuesday Night News …

And they’re back [both the interns and one of our favorite blogs] Today we had an intern come our office to collect signatures for a letter. It’s a simple task. You stand in the front office and you wait for someone to sign the letter. While he waited and without …

It’s our new favorite blog – probably because it’s littered with profanity and great outfits.  [do it] h/t ASM